tracks of the week #17

This week’s tracks of the week is a complete mixed bag with alternative riffs, indie pop, a couple of great dance tracks and a chilled out remix there is something for everyone here I think. Let me know what you think about the tracks I’ve featured this week:

Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

It’s taken me way too long to get the new song by Franz Ferdinand up on my blog but if you want the perfect indie track for your summer then this is definitely it. I’ve loved this band for such a long time and I’m so glad they are finally back to show the new breed of indie bands just exactly how it’s done with their catchy guitar hooks, a beat that will always have you dancing and a nod to the best of the eras gone by.

Falty DL – Power

Hi-hats and swirling electronics create the basis for this short little snippet of dance music with the mashed up repetition of vocals it sounds very much like an old school house track.

Chvrches – Gun [Auntie Flo Remix]

A chilled out take on the very popular single from the Glasgow band, this Auntie Flo remix takes minimal beats, starry sounds and creating a base for the song from the same piano chord played over and over to back up the lovely vocals which are quite clearly the main focus of the song and with such a good voice on offer it’s understandable why they are featured so prominently.

Kiwi – Jerboa

Do you remember Kiwi who I blogged about a couple of weeks ago with his amazing track ‘Llama’ well he is back with a new song and it’s different to his last but just as amazing! Heavily tinged with the sound of Kraftwerk through the synth, it’s a much darker track through and through with deeper bass but with piano sounds threaded throughout it brings a nice bit of light to the shade. This one is an absolutely brilliant track and I completely love it, I’ve had it on repeat all week and I know it’s a track I won’t get bored of soon. Make sure you check out Kiwi as he is making some really good dance music right now.

Save Your Breath – Lessons

Save Your Breath are a band I’ve been listening to for years now and after seeing them a few years ago that just confirmed to me how good they really are. This new track ‘Lessons’ was released this week and it is a huge step forward for the band, a heavier track with lyrics slightly tinged with distaste at some people’s narrow-mindedness and an epic sounding middle eight before finishing with another round of their catchy chorus. This is pop punk on the heavier side but still will have you singing along, it’s a nice slice of alternative for this summer’s playlist.

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