some late summer sale pieces.

Jacquard Dress, £10, Topshop

I saw this dress at the beginning of Topshop’s sale and as much as I loved it, the price tag was still £20 but a couple of weeks later when I checked the sale again online it had dropped right down to £10! I’m so glad I waited a bit longer for this dress because it is amazing and I’m really glad I bought it. £10 for the quality of a Topshop dress you really can’t ask for much better. It’s a lovely dress, the jacquard detailing on the top half of the dress is brilliant and the skirt part of the dress is lovely and floaty, a perfect dress for a summer night out. From the second half of my Topshop sale haul I also got a bralet, a stud bracelet and some lace tights all coming to around £20 altogether. I’m glad I revisited the sale and got some amazing bargains maybe sometimes it is better if I wait until the end of the sale for much cheaper prices than they start off at in the sale.

Black & White Stripe Dress, £7, H&M

I love this dress, I wore it to a party recently and it was absolutely perfect especially perfect for the heat keeping me nice and cool. Obviously monochrome has been huge this season and it is one of my favourite trends, I love it because it is simple, looks good and everyone can pull it off in one way or another. The dress is a nice length and goes in at the waist giving you and the dress a good shape rather than just being a mass of fabric. I put a thin brown belt round the middle to add a bit of better look to the waistband area. A few accessories such as a long necklace and either some sandals or a nice wedge would look good with the dress, a fuss free but fashionable outfit.

Animal Print Black Shorts, £4, H&M

How amazing are these shorts?! They seriously have my name all over them, bright colours, pattern and flamingos. £4 for a pair of shorts that will not only be perfect for holidays but have been brilliant in the recent hot weather is brilliant. Plus fitting in a pair 2 sizes smaller than I thought I could fit in was an amazing feeling! Thanks for that little extra confidence boost H&M.

Florence and the Machine ‘Ceremonials’ Vest, £3, H&M

I love Florence and I love this shirt. I’d not really been in H&M for a while otherwise I would already have owned this shirt but I’m glad I managed to snap it up before it was gone for good and for £3 you really can’t go wrong.

I managed to get some amazing new clothes throughout all of the summer sales this year and I’m so pleased with my bargain hunting skills and the new additions to my wardrobe. But with new pieces means the getting rid of old clothes all of which that are in good condition will be put up on my ebay store over the next few weeks so keep an eye out over on there for them soon.

How did you guys get on in the sales? Did you get any amazing bargains?


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