pattern & pawws.

Top – Forever 21/Skirt – Topshop/Necklace from boutique in Rome/Watch – Casio/Bag – Olivia and Joe

I quite love this outfit, it’s a nice everyday outfit and something I could easily still wear in winter with tights, boots and a jacket. I absolutely love this skirt and I haven’t worn it nearly enough since I bought it mainly because with the hot weather I’ve been living in shorts & tee’s or floaty dresses. The bag I’ve had for over a year now as I bought it when I was in New York, I genueinly can’t believe it has been over a year since I went there. My parents gave me some money before I went to NY and they knew for a fact I would come back with a new bag and when I came home with a new bag the looks of ‘our daughter is so predictable’ were there for sure but it’s stood the test of time well so far and for $90 which is around £60/70 it wasn’t too extravagant a purchase.

After a 3 day migraine that completely knocked me out I’ve spent my entire weekend sorting everything I own out, catching up on blogs, blogging and new music and listing loads of stuff on my eBay store so go check that out. I don’t really have that much else interesting to report except that I’m going to Leeds Fest on the Saturday so I can see Green Day finally. My mum being as awesome as she is decided that I had to go to Leeds Fest even if just for the day so I could finally see Green Day who are one of my favourite bands and the only one of my favourite bands that I have never seen before. I’m mega excited! Not just for Green Day although seriously the levels of excitement for that are off the charts but Bastille are also playing that day and System of a Down who I’ve always wanted to see. It is going to be an amazing day I just need to plan which other acts I want to see that day now. Anyone else going to Leeds Festival this year and who are you planning on watching on the Saturday?

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Out of the Blue/Avon Colour Trend Suede Effect Nails in Purple Haze

I’ve been meaning to post these nail pictures with outfit posts for ages and completely forgot so I thought I’d just put them in here. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen these, both shades are new nail varnishes I’ve bought, the first is a lovely teal colour slighty more on the blue side of teal and the second is a nice dusky purple and the suede effect really is there, my nails felt like suede after I painted them which was weird though after a shower with all the water on your nails the effect does fade but it’s good while it lasts. Both dry really quickly and look good after just 1 coat though I applied 2, the Avon Suede Effects chipped a lot but the Rimmel stayed really well for a good few days before chipping. I’d recommend them both though as they are both cheap and really nice shades.

Finally, here is a really beautiful summery sounding track for you all, it’s called ‘Slow Love’ by a band called Pawws and it sounds a bit like AlunaGeorge meets MSMR meets Thumpers which for me is a brilliant combination. The song popped up on my feed after Record Company – Avant Pop Records started following me on Soundcloud and I thought I’d check out their roster’s stuff, there is some really good stuff on there so go check it out. Also, proof that if you follow me on Soundcloud I will listen to your stuff and if it’s good I will write about it. So if you want to get your music heard by me follow me on Soundcloud or send me an email with links to your music in it [email can be found on the Contact page above]

For now though enjoy this amazing track:


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