tracks of the week #18

MAX.XCVI – Try Again [Tame Impala – Enders Toi Sample]

An oriental sound is added to the psychadelic 70’s guitar of Tame Impala, it’s a completely trippy sounding track and though it may be short and instrumental it still makes it’s mark as a good track and it’s a different take on the Tame Impala sound but something that works really well.

Jimmy Eat World – I Will Steal You Back

This emo/pop punk band have quite obviously ruled the roost of that world for many years now though they may not be as big as bands such as blink-182, they are well respected and have a huge fan base across the world. With this track the band have written an unconventional love song promising to steal a past love back, with a slightly indie element running throughout this song encompasses a strong riff, fast drums and a catchy edge making this yet another good song from the band’s back catalogue and one that will surely go down well on their UK tour in September.

Seawaves – Lowly

A long dreamy soundscape of an intro with chilled out sounds running throughout the whole piece; electronic build up to soulful drops, keys and steady hushed beats are the basis of this instrumental track. Stick this song on, sit back and close your eyes, this is a brilliant song to let your thoughts drift away and relax to.

Haim – The Wire

Haim were back with a new track on Monday first played on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show and again it features the band’s somewhat trademark sound, retro tinged, sunshine fuelled catchy indie pop. The girl band of the summer have reminded us just why we love them so much.


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