make up reviews: rimmel haul.

All Rimmel: Scandeleyes Mascara in Black. GlamEyes Eyeshadow in Shade 200 Spicy Bronze. Kate Moss Salon Pro Nail Varnish in Shade 347 Disco Fever. Cocktail Colour In A Flash Nail Varnish in Shade 140 Hawaiian Punch.

Scandeleyes Mascara – Black: I’m just going to say it straight away, I really love this mascara! It creates the perfect look for me giving me big, dramatic, dark lashes and eyes. I’ve been using this mascara for quite a while now and I know it is one of my favourite mascara purchases maybe even overtaking my trusty Rimmel Day2Night mascara. For night time looks it is particularly good for creating a more naural big eyed look and as someone who is not a fan of fake eyelashes it is somthing I really welcome. In terms of application, it’s simple, applies easily, not many if any clumps and is an intense black after a couple of sweeps on your lashes. I can’t praise this mascara enough, it retails at £6.99 which is more expensive than some high street mascaras but I think it is a very reasonable price for the quality of the mascara and amount of product that you get/amount of time it lasts.

GlamEyes Eyeshadow – Shade 200 Spicy Bronze: When it comes to eyeshadows I pretty much stick with the safe colours, some may say that’s quite boring but it’s prefer greys and browns, they suit my skin tone a lot better than most other colours. I chose this colour as the sparkly/glitterness of it made it that more dark gold/bronze than just a regular brown, something that I think is a lot more interesting colour wise. You get quite a generous amount of product and a medium sized sponge eyeshadow applicator and which is easy to use and create the look you are wanting to achieve. In terms of wear it lasts really well, I wore it on a night out not long ago and it stayed on and in place really well all night and I’ve also worn it all day from morning til night in the recent heat and it didn’t budge one bit. I used a primer underneath on both occasions but I’m still impressed as sometimes that doesn’t make much difference, there was no fall out all day or when applying too. It applies really easily with your finger, applicator or brush and creates a nice look straight away pigmented with colour and the glittery effect and it can be built up to a darker more dramatic look. This is a really good eyeshadow, I don’t really use eyeshadow that much as I’m wary of applying it and it either coming off or starting to go into creases during day/night wear but as I’m trying to experiment more makeup wise this product has really impressed me. For me as a beginner to eyeshadows these are great, affordable and something I would definitely recommend.

Above is the look I created with the GlamEyes Eyeshadow and the ScandelEyes Mascara, the bottom look I just added a very thin line of Rimmel’s Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner to define my eyes a little bit more.

Kate Moss Salon Pro Nail Varnish – Shade 347 Disco Fever: I picked this colour mainly because I really love the shade of purple. The nail varnish is billed as up to 10 days chip resistant colour with gel shine finish and I’d say that is pretty accurate, the gel gives it a better finish, a more intense colour and makes the application of the varnish a lot easier in my opinion. I used two coats on the picture below but you could easily get away with just one, it dries very quickly and lasts really well and it is also very easy to remove as the gel formula makes it easier to remove all in one go. For £4.49 it is a pretty reasonable price for the product, I’d say it is better quality and lasts longer than some more expensive nail varnishes I have in my collection so in terms of value for money it is definitely good. I recommend the whole Kate Moss nail varnish line as there are some really good colours in there and like the lipstick collection everything is well designed and worth spending your money on.

Cocktail Colour in a Flash Nail Varnish – Shade 140 Hawaiian Punch: As much as I love pink I never really paint my nails pink though this new purchase from Rimmel’s new Cocktail Colour collection of nail varnishes has completely changed that. There is only 3 colours in this collection at the moment, this pink, a lovely purple and a nice bright orange but already owning a lot of the other two colours I went for a bit of difference with the pink. I used Barry M’s Bright Pink Nail Paint with two coats underneath before putting one coat of this on top, the bright pink underneath I think really gave me a better base to work with making the slightly sparkly bright pink colour stand out a lot more. This is one of my favourite new nail varnish purchases, a wonderful colour, applies really well, dries very quickly and manages to last quite a few days before chipping – recommended purchase.

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