tracks of the week #19

The Weeknd – Love in the Sky

I’ve heard a lot about The Weeknd online and in certain music magazines but never really listened to the music. After this track popping up in my inbox courtesy of The Fly’s Track of the Day I decided to give it a listen and thank god I did. It’s brilliant, high pitched vocals, slow more dragged out guitar, deep bass sounds and almost heartbeat mimicking drums, it sounds dramatic and epic and I love it.

Factory Floor – Turn It Up

Electronics and kick drums start this one off before some fast one chord piano playing and hi hat cymbal adds a higher pitched sound to the mix. The distorted, slightly echoey and robot-esque vocals are interspersed throughout the track but ultimately this one is all about the layers of sound. This is going to be a big club track and one that will no doubt fill the floors of plenty of clubs this year.

The Banquet Years – Only Girl

A beautiful and gentle guitar brings us into proceedings before deep, funky bass is added and almost takes over the whole thing with its great tone. Vocally this is brilliant, an almost old school rock and roll tone fits the sound of this track well whilst standing out completely against the music for all the right reasons. This is a really good track.

Friendly Fires – Kiss Of Life

I love Friendly Fires I’m pretty sure if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you would have guessed that already and I seriously love this song so much I feel like I could listen to it all day every day for the rest of my life and never got bored of it. The carnival style drums, the party/summer atmosphere and Ed Macfarlane’s brilliant vocal range easily make this one of the best indie dance pop songs of recent times. I defy any of you to listen to this song and not have the serious urge to want to dance like nobody’s watching.

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