huge primark haul


Aztec Cut Out Dress – £10

I’ve always been a big fan of pattern and colour in clothes so as soon as I saw this dress I knew I was going to be leaving the shop with a newly purchased dress. The cut out it pretty similar to the other Primark Aztec cut out dress I owned so it was something I was comfortable with. It’s a different material though and a lot less fitted in design so much more something I could wear in the day rather than just restricted to night time or event sort of wear like the other dress. The colours are so bold and I really love that about the dress, it is so statement you can just have basic accessories such as a plain brown bag and a more understated necklace to go with it and it would still be a good outfit without going over the top with everything else. In terms of fit, it fits well, hugs all the right places and hides anything you want to make not so obvious and I think that’s brilliant. To say this was from Primark and only £10 it is a bargain of an amazing dress. I’ve said many times recently that Primark have really upped their game products wise and with garments like this it is easy to see exactly that.

Hawaiian Print Cap – £4

I’m not usually a cap wearing sort of person, the last cap I owned was a Spice Girls cap aged 7 [cool child] but I loved this one as soon as I saw it. Personally I don’t think I look as bad in a cap as I thought I would either which is another plus. The pattern is amazing and with the colours being a bit more muted Hawaiian it makes it much more easy to wear plenty of outfits rather than just a few.

Denim Backpack – £9

I have been after this backpack for such a long time that it was inevitable I was going to buy it sooner or later and this week I finally did. I’ve gone in so many times picked it up and gone no I already have a backpack but at some point my love took over my rationality for trying to declutter. It’s a simple denim backpack and there is nothing particular special about it but it looks awesome and it is a lovely blank canvas for me to do a bit of customising. I have so many badges lying around that some of them can find a new home on here. I think this would be pretty good for a festival too and I’m planning on taking this to Leeds Fest when I go for the day later this month.

Necklace – £3

I own a lot of necklaces but I pretty much always stick to the same but I was after a nice statement necklace but I know I can’t pull off those absolutely huge statement pieces so I stuck to this one, simple but lovely.

Maroon Beanie – £2 and Hello Kitty Slippers – £4

I’m a big fan of beanies but cute ones or the ones with a little pom pom on top I’m not really a fan of those floppy ones if I’m honest. This is one of my favourite colours, a good fit and a nice replacement for one of my black ones that has started to look a bit tatty. The slippers are mega cute, I’m saving them for winter and I was mega lucky to find a 6-8 size as there was only a couple in the store [damn my big feet]. I do absolutely love these and Hello Kitty in general so I’m looking forward to winter to wear them. There was a lot of cute slippers in Primark at the moment, strawberry slippers anyone?, so it’s a good time to stock up ready for winter.

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