food review: the old house, division street, sheffield.

The Old House is one of the little bars up at the top of Division Street in Sheffield and it’s always been one I’ve loved. I’ve been in there a few times on nights out for drinks and it has a brilliant drinks and cocktails menu and I’ve wanted to try their food menu for ages so I thought I’d go and try it out. They’ve just released their summer menu and it is really good full of plenty of fresh and mainly local ingredients and there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten free selections on offer too. The bar lives up to its name being slightly old and vintage looking, its still cool though and has a more effortless take on older looking stuff while still looking cool unlike some bars that try so hard to look vintage it looks a bit tacky. Sturdy wood tables and chairs, vintage spirit mirrors [something I’m a huge fan of] and awesome cute little beer bottles as the vases for the table flowers. It’s a beautiful looking place and has a lovely atmosphere which makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. Now onto the food:

Artichoke, Sundried Tomato & Olive Sandwich on Brown Bread with a side of New Potato Salad

Looking at the menu I knew that I wanted a dessert so I decided to stick to something a little bit smaller for the main part of my meal. In terms of vegetarian options I was pretty much spoilt for choice for a change, there was a good few options for me and literally every single one of them sounded really nice and I could have chosen any of them but going for a smaller option I opted for a sandwich. Artichokes, tomatoes and olives are some of my favourite foods so all together on a sandwich I knew I was going to love this and it didn’t disappoint. A nice big [but not too big] sandwich with a side salad, it filled me up making it huge value for money for around just over £4 and I could quite easily have just eaten that on it’s own and been fine. I ordered a side as I wasn’t sure how big or filling the sandwich was and in a way I regret it because I didn’t finish eating it as it was too much for me but that is not to say it wasn’t nice because it really was. A side bowl filled with plenty of well cooked halved new potatoes in a herby dressing – not sure what was exactly in it I think I tasted mint and/or parsley but it was really nice. All in all it was a really nice meal, well made, fresh ingredients, good sized portions making it value for money though the food is very reasonably priced anyway. Like I said I could easily have had this on it’s own or being a bit hungrier with a side and that’s it. I fully recommend this sandwich, a really tasty and different sandwich option for vegetarians.

Bakewell Tart with Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Like I said before I really wanted a dessert because as soon as I saw this on the menu I knew I wanted it as Bakewell Tart is one of my favourites and you don’t often see it on pub dessert menus these days. I was pretty full but it was just the right size dessert something to end a meal well making you feel full and satisfied without being stuffed but also not too small that you still feel hungry. A thin rectangular slice of Bakewell Tart with a thin puff pastry base with a raspberry coulis and the beautiful ice cream. A vanilla ice cream with a swirl of raspberry through it again just enough flavour and little crunchy bits inside the ice cream, I think it’s wafer like those ones you put in ice cream sundaes I’m not overly sure but it’s a nice addition. For £1.95 you can’t go wrong with this dessert, it’s so lovely with really good flavours, a perfect texture to the tart, a correct sized portion and all for a very affordable price. If you are going to have a dessert from their summer menu then I truly recommend this one.

All in all, I really loved this place it is not just good for night time drinks but daytime meals with plenty on offer for everyone it is a place that should keep everyone happy. A nice relaxed atmosphere, fresh food served quickly and good sized portions all at value for money prices. If you want a lovely pub to eat at in the centre of Sheffield then go and visit The Old House, you will not be disappointed.


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