tracks of the week #20

This week, two new tracks – one from a popstar and one from an indie band and two album revisits for me – one from a recent release and one from a 10 year old classic. Let me know your thoughts on this week’s tracks.

Katy Perry – ROAR!

It’s been a week of big pop act returns and releasing brand new songs gearing us up for brand new albums and tours from them. After the whole gold prism bus of Katy Perry’s she has now released the first single from her album. Katy Perry is one of those acts where I do like her singles but I’ve never gone as far as to buy an album or see her live, that’s not to say her albums and live shows wouldn’t be good though. With this recent song though it’s really got me interested in the new album and visiting her previous releases to see the full transformation from young Perry to California Girl to this latest incarnation. Reinvention is a massive thing for artists and I think Perry reinvents herself well she doesn’t go drastic reinvention a la Gaga but it still sets out different eras in her career. This song I first heard on Monday morning on Radio 1 Breakfast Show and I liked it instantly, it’s got a catchy beat and a really good rhythm, it is a sing a long pop song with an edge and I really love this.

Splashh – Something’s Here

Two of my favourite things at the moment are Rough Trade’s Tracks of the Week subscription – £2.99 for 6 awesome tracks sent to your inbox every Friday, awesome! – and The Fly’s Track of the Day sent to my inbox. Obviously not every song I get sent I like but there is always some you do and then occasionally you come across a total gem. This is where this track comes in, I’ve listened to these guys a little bit before and they are good but nothing really captured my attention quite like this song. The trippy, spaced out, psychadelic sounds makes this song a mix between two of my current favourites Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma. But it’s not just a rip off of their two sounds, they put their own spin on it and I really do love this.

Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind

Disclosure are clearly one of the most blogged about, written about and talked about acts of 2013 and the release of their debut album a couple of months ago backed up the hype making them a fully respected dance music producing duo. After spending a lot of time listening to them this year I’d sort of given their stuff a break but after revisiting their album this week it made me realise just what a good debut of dance, house and electronics they have produced. For me this is one of the stand out tracks on the album, a slow build up, a beautiful voice and a good solid beat, this is a chilled track taking the tempo down for a moment of calm from an album pretty full of songs perfect for dancefloors and festival fields.

Kings of Leon – Red Morning Light

5 albums into their career and due to release their 6th soon, though their 3rd album may be my own personal favourite it has been 10 years since this band of brothers and a cousin released their 1st album ‘Youth and Young Manhood’. The very first track on that album is this one and it kicks you straight into their rock and roll sound with a twinge of country and Southern charm. This has to go down as one of my favourite opening songs of a debut album ever, if this song didn’t immediately catch your attention and get you asking who the hell this band was then I don’t know what will. 10 years on and this band is one of the biggest in the world so quite clearly they did something right with their debut and throughout the years.


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