#ootd: tattoo print.

Dress – Topshop / Creepers – Underground via Office / Socks – Topshop / Bag – Olivia and Joe / Bracelet – Topshop / Watch – Casio / Necklace and Moonstone Ring – Vintage / Lips – Avon Lip Crayon in Risque Rose

I’ve had this dress for such a long time I’m actually surprised it’s stood the test of time in my wardrobe and my ‘must get rid of everything’ brain hasn’t already sold it on ebay. I’ve had this dress since my fatter days I think I was around 17 when I bought it and though I haven’t worn it much because my old self felt uncomfortable in it, I couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Now though I feel a lot more comfortable wearing this, it fits properly it may be a couple of sizes too big but it hangs much better on me than it did before. The main things that drew me to this in the first place is the basic and very wearable shape, the moderate length and the insanely cute little tattoo designs all over it. I think this is a dress I’m going to get a lot more wear out of now, it is easily something I could wear in the daytime or at night. For the daytime, I paired it with some cute little socks I got from Topshop last year and my creepers, which looked good but then as it got hotter and hotter throughout the day it was a complete mistake for my feet which were slowly cooking. This current muggy heat we are having is really not good for my wardrobe at all.

I wore this outfit the other day when I went shopping in town to pick up a few important things I needed and ended up buying loads of new CD’s and books. Not that I really need anymore of either of those if I’m honest. I bought two of the books by Philippa Gregory in the Cousin’s War series which are the books The White Queen on the BBC are based on. I’m seriously obsessed with The White Queen but I’ve always been a little obsessed with medieval history so the programme was completely up my street and now I thought I’d read the books just so my obsession doesn’t have to end so quickly. Is anyone else as obsessed with The White Queen as I am and completely devastated now it’s finished?


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