tracks of the week #21 [leeds festival special]

This week as it’s Reading and Leeds Festival I thought I’d do a special tracks of the week featuring some of Saturday at Leeds bill. Mainly because that is the day I’m attending and these are the acts I’m really excited about seeing, it’s quite a mix but the Leeds Festival bill is notorious for its wide range of genres from dance to metal, rock to pop. Here’s my pick of the bands I plan on seeing this Saturday:

Green Day – Hitchin’ A Ride

I’ve been a fan of Green Day since I was 13 when ‘American Idiot’ came out, it was one of those albums that changed everything for me and will always be one of my favourites. My absolute favourite Green Day song is this one though, it’s fast paced, choatic and the less serious side of punk, almost influenced by ska especially with the slightly surreal video. I’ve waited 9 years of my life to see Green Day and I’m hoping that this song gets played because it would absolutely make my year.

System of a Down – Hypnotize

System of a Down is another band I’ve been a fan of for a long time and never had the chance to see. When they got back together for Download festival a couple of years ago I considered going just for them but I never did but at least I will get to see them now. There are not many bands like these guys and I think they are one of those bands that really captured the attention of a lot of people in the 2000’s with their different take on metal and have remained to this day a well loved act.

Bastille – Of The Night

One of my favourite moments of a Bastille set is this song, there is just something about the energy the guys put into this one and the fact that every single person sings along whether you remember the original or not. This was one of the first songs I heard by them a couple of years ago now and though it’s a cover it still remains one of my firm favourites. It’s amazing for me to see how far these guys have come and their set high up the bill of the Radio 1/NME stage will be a big moment for them. Last year I was front row in the Festival Republic tent suitably losing it over the awesomeness of one of my favourite bands and I was a bit unaware until halfway through the set that the tent was rammed for them and I’m sure it will be the same case again this year but on an even bigger scale and if any band deserves it, it’s Bastille.

Thumpers – Sound of Screams

Thumpers are playing the BBC Introducing stage on the Saturday and if there is one set you should catch from that stage it is these guys. I missed them at this year’s Tramlines which I was more annoyed about than anything else but I’m planning on making a special effort to see these guys. They will be perfect at a festival with their dancey, upbeat songs layered with sounds, a good beat and catchy sing along lyrics.

MS MR – Fantasy

This New York duo of brilliant beats, electronic sounds threaded throughout and wonderful and harmonious vocals. It’s a good pop song with a strong chorus and in many ways the pair especially on this track remind me a lot of Niki and the Dove with their beautiful and atmospheric sounds. This pair are bound to have you dancing around the Festival Republic tent so bring your dancing shoes.

Deap Valley – Bad For My Body

Opening straight away with grungey distorted guitar, the pounding drums come in to back up the punk rock-esque vocals. Though it may be full of grungey and punk sounds it still has a sort of sexy swagger to the choruses. This is the sort of full on track that a lot of female bands have been missing for a long time, it’s a sound, style and attitude that harks back to the likes of Courtney Love and No Doubt era Gwen Stefani. These girls are the girls that I’ve always wanted to be doing something I would have loved but alas I’m not talented enough to be onstage so I’ll just write about how great they are instead, make sure you catch the set from these girls.

Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart

The video for this track only came out this week making this the 3rd single from the band’s fourth album ‘Sempiternal’ which was released earlier this year and charted at #3. It’s the opening track on the album and it is a good one, BMTH are not only leading the charge for British metal music right now but they are also one of a very small number of metal bands who have managed to add electronics and synths to their sound while still remaining heavy with their brilliant riffs and pounding drums and still being well respected. These guys came out of a scene in a city rich with so many bands back when they broke though, bands have come and gone since then but they still remain, creating in my opinion one of the most exciting careers of any rock/metal band in the last 10-15 years. With insane and energetic live shows their set will be one not to be missed, after every time I have seen them they have blown me away with how much they keep improving and I’m sure Saturday’s set will be more of the same.


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