food review: the great gatsby, division street, sheffield

The Daisy Burger – a vegetable patty with cheese, a spicy relish with kidney beans, sweetcorn, mushroom and peppers and salad on a homemade burger bun. Comes with skin on chips and homemade coleslaw.

If you want a good place to go for a burger in Sheffield then this is one of the places I would recommend to you along with the unbeatable and brilliant Bungalows and Bears. Having been here a few times but never for food I put it on my must visit list, after checking that it serves vegetarian which it does I went the other day after a morning of shopping. They do around 5 burgers and only 1 veggie burger but it is a good one. In terms of food it sticks to three main areas – pies, burgers or sandwiches for the less hungry and pizza which I think if I’m honest covers the three main foods people tend to eat when in a pub. If you want a curry go to an Indian restaurant, noodles – a chinese, pasta – italian, you get the picture, this is in many ways proper pub grub but brought up to date for the food needs of 2013. By that I mean more homemade stuff with fresher flavours and locally sourced. The veggie burger itself is in an amazing burger bun which has such a lovely taste to it and I’m assuming that is homemade. The bottom layer is salad and a thin layer of houmous, then the patty which is actually quite massive. I’m not sure of the exact contents but I’m sure I saw mushrooms and onion in there, it’s nice but a little on the bland side compared to some other patties I’ve had. Though the whole thing is not bland because the next layer of cheese and some sort of relish/sauce/mix of vegetables adds insane amounts of flavour and spice. If you are worried about the spice it’s just enough, I’m terrible with spicy food and I could deal with it so it’s really ok. In that mix of stuff [not actually sure of the correct term for it] was mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers and kidney beans among some other bits. Then you reach the top of the bun and the gherkin on top which it’s my major qualm with burgers, I hate gherkin on burgers or anything but that’s more my own personal taste than a bad point for the burger. The chips were lovely skin on homemade goodness though I didn’t actually eat many as the burger was so big that I had no room for the chips. There was homemade coleslaw too with the usual coleslaw contents and then peppers and sweetcorn too in a much lighter sauce almost like a creamy vingarette than the full fat calorific stodgy mayo, it was a nice refreshing take on a coleslaw and something I much prefer to the original recipe you buy in the supermarket. All in all this was an amazing burger, it filled me up so much I left some of the burger and most of the chips as I was just too full. There are some nice flavours running throughout and plenty of fresh ingredients, there was plenty of food on offer for the £7 price and clearly a lot of attention to detail and flavour had been made when creating this burger for each layer to work. It still doesn’t beat my choice of 3 amazing veggie burgers from Bungalows and Bears but this is the best second I have found even beating my beloved Handmade Burger Company.

The bar itself is well presented it is quite small but there is a lot in there, a bar with an array of spirits, quite a few tables but you can tell this is a chilled place by day to eat but it’s mainly the night where it comes alive with people in drinking and watching the DJ sets they have on offer there. It was quite empty when I was in but I imagine that was just the time of day, after work or any time on a Saturday and I bet there are plenty of people in there drinking and eating. It is a nice atmosphere and somewhere I would definitely go back to not just for drinks but for food too. The pizzas are 2 for 1 all day Monday to Friday which is an amazing offer and the pies are something I want to check out when it hits the colder months for sure. It’s one of my favourite bars in Sheffield so if you are in the city then make sure you check it out day or night for food or drinks or both.

Also seriously in love with these Kopparberg glasses – if anyone knows where you can buy them from let me know!


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