make up review: Dainty Doll

I’ve been meaning to put this post up for months now, a while ago I got sent some Dainty Doll make up products through the post from Company magazine. Every week through their Weekly Edit [which is available on iPhone] they run give-aways to win what has been sent into their office. I won this make up, I’d heard a little bit about Dainty Doll before as it is the make up range from Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud and I’d always been quite interested in trying it but I’d never found it in any stores whether that’s because it’s not stocked or because I’m just unobservant I’ll never know.

I was sent a clear lipgloss, a green/turquoise eyeliner pencil – ‘shake your tail feather’, an eyeshadow base – ‘frankie girl’ and a dark brown eyeshadow – ‘are you experienced?’. Quite a good package of stuff really so thanks Company! Having these pieces now it’s a good opportunity to try them and see if I would be persuaded into purchasing any more products from this range and also I thought I’d do a little bit of a review of these products on here too.

Clear Lipgloss: I’m not one for lipgloss at all, I’ve never really been a fan of it. I prefer matte lipsticks that create bold pigmented colours over the glossy effect you get with a lipgloss. With this being a clear lipgloss though firstly it’s not as obvious to the eye that you have anything on your lips at all and it’s not overly glossy, it sits on your lips well and if anything nourishes them much like the trusty favourite of vaseline. It doesn’t have that shiny almost slippery feel you get with most lipglosses either which is a major plus for me and if I was just leaving the house last minute then this is definitely something I would reach for. For me it’s a perfect lipgloss, it’s not something I would wear everyday but it is there if I need it, I know this will not be for everyone but I’m a big fan of this.

Eyeshadow Base – Shade ‘Frankie Girl’: This eyeshadow base is perfect, I’ve used it so much since receiving it and honestly it works so well. Applying it before any eyeshadow from whichever make up brand it does the perfect job at holding it in place all day and night. It applies easily and is like a cream eyeshadow in the way it blends onto your eyelid, I use my finger to apply it but you could also use a brush if you prefer. I’ve used powder eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows and the Illamasqua pigments, all of which it holds in place so well with no movement, fallout or falling into creases. I know the Illamasqua pigments are sometimes a bit notorious for fallout and most people wet a brush before using them but I find using this eyshadow base and then applying the pigment with an applicator works just as well for me anyway. The base also contains Shea Butter and vitamins A and E to combat aging so it’s a good product for your skin as well as keeping your makeup in place. A really good and extremely useful product.

Eyeshadow – Shade ‘Are You Experienced?’: This eyeshadow is a good one especially if you are after a good base for other colours of the same family. It’s a mid to dark brown, a more matted colour in terms of there being no glitter in it or anything and it is very pigmented. It blends very well and lasts well too especially with the eyeshadow base underneath it. I myself mainly use this eyeshadow as a base for for putting a more bronze colour like Rimmel’s Spiced Bronze over the top because I think it adds a bit more pigment, colour and drama to your look. It’s not something I would really wear on it’s own as I think it’s a bit dark for my skin tone on it’s own. In terms of application it’s a creamy sort of eyeshadow and I guess that is why it blends so well on the eyelid. This retails at £11.50 on Fragrance Direct so it’s more expensive than some eyeshadows especially for something that I just use as a base and not a stand alone colour but as they quality is so good I would be willing to pay that price for other colours that I would wear on their own.

Eyeliner – Shade ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’: The eyeliner is a bright almost shimmering green and I do really like the colour of this. Green eyeliner is not something I usually go for and I’m still a little unsure of how to wear it but as a colour it’s lovely and as a product it is brilliant. It’s a simple pencil eyeliner so easy to create any sort of line with thin or thick, it applies really well and is easy enough to blend to create softer lines. Again it stays on well and doesn’t smudge or run during the day. Another good product from this line.

I’m extremely happy with the gifts I got sent from Company and it was good to finally try some of this line out. I know the point of this line is for people with pale and/or sensitive skin just like me. It worked well with my pale skin tone and it was perfect for my skin in actually looking after while also being a make up product so it’s the best of both worlds really. The products are also packaged beautifull and a lot of care and attention has gone into the designs with the illustrations on the boxes and the sleek black pots for the eyeshadows in particular. This is a brand I would definitely revisit and buy more from, I know it’s a more expensive than some of the brands you can find in Boots or Superdrug but it’s cheaper than many others too and with the great quality and research gone into what is good for sensitive skin types it is really worth shelling out those extra few pounds in the long run.

A couple of basic looks with the eyeshadow and eyeliner:


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