new music: Roy’s Iron DNA – Under My Skin

Scotland’s Roy’s Iron DNA has recently released the video for brand new single ‘Under My Skin’taken from the album of the same name due to be released in October via Travelled Music. This new single starts with plenty of beats with lots of muffled vocals layered over the top and then aynths are added. There is plenty of layers here, it’s a more chilled out track than some dance offerings but it still has a good beat and almost sleepy sounding vocals.

You can see the video and listen to the track below:

Ian S. Thompson is the man behind the music and having secured a source of funding through Creative Scotland, they are a massive endorsement and help to people in different creative sectors of Scotland. Coming from the Scottish Borders and creating music under the Roy’s Iron DNA alias this guy is helping the emergence of Scottish music particularly dance with his songs described as electronic and trip-hop.

The man has announced plenty of intentions made to capture the attention for the release of this full remix album that is due to be released next month. 9 of the tracks are set to be remixed by a wide range of Scotland’s finest producers and DJ’s which is surely set to further showcase the talent coming from that country and showing that it’s like a bit of a family atmosphere from a small but clearly very talented place. One remix though is reserved for the winner of a competition, a competition that has just been announced, it’s to create a remix of a track up on his site so budding producers and DJ’s head on over there to enter and maybe win that chance to remix one of the man’s tracks which will be released nationwide.

Having released his debut ‘Men in Wax Jackets’ back in 2007 it was the release that saw him gain fans and plenty of critical acclaim from the likes of NME and The Fly. When playing live the project and one man band becomes a multi-person effort to create the layers of sound in his music. His first album saw him and his band tour all of the UK successfully quite a few times and surely this next album looks set to do the same and maybe take them further afield too with a tour being planned for the end of this year.

This second album will be available online from October 1st and will also be available on vinyl and CD but only via Scottish independent record stores for the time being before hopefully being rolled out physically all around the country. There is plenty still to come from this one man it seems with the album, competition and tour, it should be an exciting end of the year for this man.

To find out more about Roy’s Iron DNA, the album and the competition then visit his website or his Facebook page. To listen to his music visit his label’s Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @roysirondna


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