tracks of the week #23

How quickly does tracks of the week time come around every single week? But at least there is a constant stream of good music to put up here whether it’s new or old as long as it’s good or an act I love it will be here at some point. This week, 2 new tracks which I’m really loving from two new bands La Bete Blooms and Cheetahs, their sound with these songs is brilliant and is added to my new discoveries list of which is growing all the time. Enjoy this week’s picks.

La Bete Blooms – Home

Hailing from Hull, this band may only have this one track on their Soundcloud page, available for free download, but it’s a very very good one and one that makes you want to hear more. It’s longer, more drawn out guitar mixed with the 90’s throwback sound and raw vocals gives it that shoegaze feel so prominent of times gone by. For the first song the band have released this is very strong and only points to bigger things to come from this five piece. The band are playing a few gigs over the next couple of weeks including The Great Gatsby in Sheffield so make sure you get down there for that.

Kids In Glass Houses – Black Cloud

With the release of this South Wales quintet’s fourth studio album ‘Peace’ on the horizon, this is one of the other songs that have been previewed to whet the fans appetite. ‘Black Cloud’ builds up with drum beats and an intricate guitar before the faster and louder pop punk chorus takes over, the really good vocals are a typical trademark of the KIGH sound. It’s catchy and it’s good, an obvious choice of a single but not necessarily the strongest release from the band.

Cheetahs – Cut The Grass

There’s some brilliant synths and swirling sounds weaved throughout the myriad of guitar riffs mixed with scuzzy feedback and lethargic vocals. The carefree sound gives that sort of anything goes attitude to the track but it still flows through the slightly chaotic nature of the music. This one is a really good listen and they are one band to look out for over the next few months.

Disclosure – F For You

The latest single from the brothers is yet another big song from their debut album ‘Settle’. It’s a track that’s been going down a storm in DJ sets and the band’s countless festival sets over the course of this summer as well as gaining plenty of radio play. This track along with the strong constant beat and repeated vocals, it has the hints of an attitude more reserved for rock tracks but it works really well on this particular dance track giving it something that bit different. When it comes to the act that has really owned 2013 there is no doubt Disclosure are going to be up there and it’s releases such as this that really push the notion forward.


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