homeware bits & pieces.

Cake Plaque, French Pot, Owl Desk Tidy, Floral Photo Frame, Floral Bird Ornament, Rustic Wooden and Rope Bunting and Owl Photo Frames – all from Evolution

At the moment I’m trying to save money for when I go to London in October but my sheer obsession with homeware items completely stopped that in its track the other day when I went for a look around Evolution in Sheffield city centre. I’d not been in there in a while which is completely unlike me as I usually always pop in when I’m in town, because along with Dunelm Mill it is one of my favourite places for cheap but nice homeware things, but having not been in for a while was a good thing as there was loads of amazing new stuff in stock although that’s not so good for my bank balance.

The frames I’d been after for ages, after sorting out the insane amount of family photos my mum and my grandparents have I chose three photos to frame, one of me and my mum, one of me and my grandad and one of my and my grandma and I’d been looking for a decent 3 hanging photo frame for so long, I’d scoured the internet and every shop I could think of but none where that nice really but this one was perfect. I had a major ‘why did I not just come here in the first place’ moment after picking it up as Evolution always has good photo frames and there is plenty of amazing ones in there at the moment. I also picked up the other two frames the week after and I love them both mainly because of my obsession with owls and all things owl related at £8 for the slightly bigger frame and £6 for the other I think that is more than reasonable pricing. All the other items bar the plaque are for my room too, some I’ve boxed away for when we finally move [someone please buy our house I want a bigger room!] but the desk tidy has come in extremely handy for tidying up my bedside table which is a makeshift desk, I have a small room so everything is dual purpose in here. The cake plaque me and mum saw and instantly decided we needed that for our kitchen as it is so true of us. For only £2 in the sale it was money well spent. All this came to £25 [bar the other two frames which were bought at a later date] which is pretty good, the frames were the most expensive item at £10 though that is still a lot cheaper than many other frames I’ve seen and they’re better designed as the others were plain frames. After my little homeware haul I’m going to try and stop buying homeware stuff until we actually move, though my Amazon wishlist and eBay watching list is full of little treasures I keenly have my eyes on so we’ll see how long I manage to keep myself from buying any other pieces for my room.

Are you guys as obsessed with homeware stuff as I am? Where are your go to places to shop for bits and pieces for the home?


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