Album Review: The 1975 – The 1975

The 1975
The 1975
Vagrant Records

After years on the live music circuit building up experience and fans the band who have recently become THE hot new indie band have produced a 16 track debut that is utterly impressive. Full of sounds and lyrics beyond their years, the hype surrounding them may fade but the talent they have will surely not if this body of work is anything to go by.

Singles ‘Sex’ and ‘Chocolate’ have solidified the band’s status as one of the more exciting indie rock acts out there at the moment. With the sing along choruses, melodic guitar hooks, lots of rhythm and anthemic tendencies they have got plenty of feet tapping and people dancing along to their sound over the course of this summer.

Opening with a short, atmospheric title track taking you into the LP with starry sounds and muffled vocals, before the strong prominent drums and hi-hats of ‘The City’ ring in. It is also the first opportunity on the album to listen to the unique sounding, slightly childlike in their tone, vocals of lead singer, Matthew Healy whose voice makes their songs instantly recognisable.

‘M.O.N.E.Y’ has an almost electronic beginning, staggered with start-stop synth and a constant dance/hip hop beat backing it all up. This one is poppy and 80’s sounding containing quick whispered spoken lyrics and a riff that sounds like it should be on a Prince song.

The vocals and whole vibe of ‘Talk!’ is a chilled reggae feel with a slower pace and padded drums punctuated with a hammered beat and the spacey sounding synth. Another atmospheric interlude in the form of ‘An Encounter’ which builds almost like a ripple effect of a stone hitting water with synth sounds getting bigger and bigger.

There’s an abundance of 80’s influences scattered throughout the album found on tracks such as ‘Heart Out’, ‘Settle Down’ and ‘She Way Out’. The first full of deep bassy synth with high-pitched notes weaved in, a good rhythm to make you sway along and a saxophone solo added over the top towards the end. The next has a new wave pop rhythm and a riff reminiscent of ‘Thiller’ by Michael Jackson buried beneath the layers of music. The latter opens with rock tinged guitar backing up the vocals and drums that would fit an 80’s rock ballad the likes of Def Leppard would be proud of, carrying on with a pop catchiness and guitar melodies that dance around the track with their zig-zag structure.

In many ways a lot of this is simple musicianship and melodies but made to capture the attention of the listener. They are taking a fresh perspective at tried and tested methods showing the bands years on the road and producing EP’s has helped them create a sound they are comfortable with, picking apart popular sounds of old and remixing them for today.

Swirling synths take us into high pitched guitar melodies, soft vocals full of emotion and a steady drum beat are found on ‘Robbers’ while soft beats, woozy synth and muffled staggered vocals weaving in and out can be discovered on ‘Menswear’.

‘Pressure’ has a bit of everything, opening with a guitar melody similar to the one found on earlier track ‘Chocolate’ before far away sounding vocals come in, an old school classic rock guitar, quick drum and a saxophone breakdown. Last track ‘Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You’ is completely different to everything else on the album, stripped back with soft piano backing up whispered vocals. It ends their debut on a calmer note showcasing their talent in such a beautiful way.

A truly stunning debut from a band who have more than earned their fans and success.

Visit the band’s website, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – @the1975

Check out the video for the band’s current single ‘Sex’ below:


Album Cover

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