ootd: galaxy print

Dress – ASOS / Bag – Vintage / Pork Pie Hat – H&M / Wedges – New Look / Studded Bracelet – Topshop / Watch – Casio

Oh hey pasty legs and overposing Charlotte. Firstly, apologies for the insane length of my fringe, I’ve had it cut since these photos and I can now see the world which is beneficial and you’ll be glad to know this outfit post is your last opportunity this year for my milk bottle legs to be out. I made the most of the final day of summer a couple of weeks ago but since then Autumn has well and truly arrived. Also, check out the epic bruise on my arm, my cat finally managed her mission of making me trip up over her on the stairs and that was the result. I love my cats but they are a huge tripping hazard especially when you are as naturally clumsy as I am.

I wore this outfit to my friend’s party a couple of weekends ago, she’s moving to Aberdeen this week to start her Masters so she decided to have a get together consisting of chats, takeaway and plenty of alcohol. It was a really good night that consisted off a cocktail with half a pint of alcohol in and a tiny amount of juice and an epic spillage/explosion. Note to you all if you ever put a full carton of chocolate milk, some chocolate ice cream and a load of Bailey’s in a food blender just make sure it’s in properly or you will spend the next hour cleaning chocolate related goo off the kitchen floor, sides, cupboards and everything basically. It’s all fun and games though right, what’s a night without a bit of drama.

Onto the outfit, this dress is one of my absolute favourite new purchases. £14 from ASOS that was well spent, I love galaxy/cosmic print and this dress is so simple to wear. It’s my size but is an oversized smock fit so it’s nice and baggy which I personally love in dresses. I hate tight clothing as it’s insanely uncomfortable but this cut is something I just feel so comfortable in, I think I would wear this everyday if I could. I teamed it with my bargain New Look wedges which I love but me and heels are just a terrible combination and my new hat from H&M which I only bought two days before this night and I love it. I’ve always wanted one of those hats and for £7 you can’t really go wrong. This is such a simple, easy to wear outfit with basic accessories and simple make up with just a pop of colour on the lips, all that is needed for a night in with the girls.


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