new video: Helene Greenwood – In The Sunshine

Singer-songwriter Helene Greenwood gears up for the release of her debut album next month by releasing an EP entitled ‘The Break’ and the video for her brand new single ‘In The Sunshine’ which is featured below:

A gentle flowing lilt of a track with soft piano and melodic guitar backing up the beautiful and clean voice of Greenwood. The ebb and flow of the music and vocals emphasises the fact that there is a story to these lyrics and there is a slightly haunting feel to the whole track with minimal sounds that manages to create a big atmosphere. Mixing her lyrics full of realism and something everyone can relate to with her soulful voice full of emotion is a brilliant combination.

After originally starting her music career as a contemporary composer studying at the Royal Academy, the birth of her daughter eight years ago inspired her to pursue more story and lyric based music. Her recent EP ‘The Break’ was recorded back in April at Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch and features producer and band-member Calum MacColl and James Hallawell of The Waterboys on keyboards. The band set out to create a mix of modern alt-pop mixed with folk and jazz sounds which Helene loves so much. It’s simple in it’s nature with minimal instruments and not throwing everything at the songs, just good melodies and the lyrical stories put across by the wonderful voice of Greenwood.

The EP is out now for you to buy from iTunes and features their take of classics such as The Cure’s ‘In Between Days’ and ‘Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)’ by Johnny Mercer and Rube Bloom as well as their own tracks. For now though there are a few live dates coming up in London, Bristol and Surry all in October and the debut album ‘Collectable’ will be released in mid-October.

To find out more about Helene Greenwood visit her website, her Facebook page, listen to her music on her Soundcloud page or follow her on Twitter – @HeleneGreenwood




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