beauty reviews: avon lipsticks & lip crayon.

Shades: Ripe Papaya/Lava Love/Knock Out Pink/Scarlet Siren *

The absolutely huge upside of my mum being an ‘Avon woman’ aka one of their representatives is the free samples we receive every so often. Usually the lip stick samples are tiny and the true meaning of a sample but recently we got sent a load of full size lipsticks in a range of colours and knowing my love of stronger lip colours my mum let me delve through the pile for the colours I liked. The ones I chose were these four: Ripe Papaya – a coral with a hint of soft orange, Lava Love – a bright in your face knock out red, Knock Out Pink – a bright pink edging more on the dark pink side of the spectrum so that it’s not too in your face and neon and Scarlet Siren – a lovely deep red not deep enough to be considered maroon but living up to it’s name as the sort of colour lipstick to screen sirens of the 50’s would wear. A nice range of colours and all ones I instantly loved, I’m a fan of the reds anyway owning a couple of colours similar from other brands but the coral I’d never tried before but with it just having that hint of orange makes it more wearable on my pale skin tone, again the pink being deeper suits my skin tone better as very bright pink lipsticks – the candy and highlighter pink variety – are shades I’m quite literally scared of as I know that I would not suit me, this however I love.

The lipsticks themselves are really nice and have good staying power only need to touch up if really needed like after a meal which is no big deal but I do have some lipsticks from other brands that stay on better whilst eating. Only a minor flaw though compared to everything else which is very positive. The lipstick applies well in a creamy formula and almost looks a bit like a lipgloss when first applied but then after dabbing the excess colour off with a tissue you are left with a nice pigmented lip colour that is not shiny but not fully matte. With the creamy-ness of the formula it is very nourishing for your lips and you don’t feel them drying out during the day. As I said the colours especially the bright and deep shades are very pigmented and you don’t need a lot of product to build up a dramatic colour.

I think the reason these full size samples were sent out was because of the product redesign, they’ve just been launched in the current campaign. With the sleek black design and the clear plastic top so you can see your shade without having to remove the lid they look on trend while still being very classic shapes and designs. Personally, I love the new design and I love these lipsticks and will definitely be buying more shades from this collection, they’re of a very reasonable price so won’t break the bank for a good lipstick from a trusted brand.

From top left across: Knock Out Pink, Ripe Papaya, Lava Love and Scarlet Siren

Also, I recently picked up a lip crayon from Avon and after hearing lots about lip crayons such as the ones from Topshop that a lot of bloggers are loving I thought I’d try one out for myself.

Avon Lip Crayon in ‘Risque Rose’

As soon as I first applied this I knew I loved it, the ease of application is so good and so useful especially if you are on the go or in a rush. With it being like an actual crayon in shape the pointed-ness of the colour makes it so easy to apply perfectly without smudging at all. The formula is thick but not cakey and it is pigmented enough to give you enough colour in one swipe but it doesn’t dry out your lips at all which is a huge plus. In terms of wear it stays in place very well and even after eating I didn’t really have to re-apply but I just touched the colour up slightly to make it a little more standout. For daytime wear this colour is perfect and I think it would last well all night but for me it’s a bit too light a colour for night-time but I would use one of the darker or brighter colours from the range to create a night-time make up look for sure. I’ve not tried any of the other lip crayons on the market so I can’t really compare with those but it is a very good product, a lovely colour and very reasonably priced and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to try or find a lip crayon without breaking the bank while still getting good quality.

Disclaimer – lipsticks sent free as samples but bought lip crayon with my own money


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