new music: Gabby Young

With her standout red hair and eclectic fashion sense, Gabby Young is a singer/songwriter bound to catch your attention. Though initially it may be for her style, which has seen her named a fashion icon by the likes of Artrocker magazine, the sound she is creating with her 7 piece band is nothing short of brilliant. Backed up by the fact that she has managed to impress crowds around the world with live shows and her debut album ‘We’re All In This Together’ reached the top spot in the folk and rock download charts on Amazon UK in June 2010.

Her different look on the world that she puts into her lyrics comes from imagination, real events and nearly losing her classically trained voice at the age of 22 to thyroid cancer. That was the catalyst to get her to start keeping track of these stories writing them down and turning them into songs. Using influences from all around the world in order to convey the emotion she is trying to get across from her lyrics to the listener.

This has helped her create truly brilliant and beautiful songs full of melody, a mix of sounds and lyrics that tell a story. Songs which have become favourites of the likes of Graham Norton and Clive Anderson who’ve played them on their shows on Radio 2 and Radio 4 respectively. With Norton saying; “We are playing this a lot because we love it. She is terrific live, really big wall of sound.” Having also gained coverage in The Guardian, The Sunday Times and The London Evening Standard, she is clearly creating music people think needs to be heard.

The band was formed to help create the music mainly in the live setting but now also on record using trumpets, piano and accordion throughout the songs among others. Mixing together sound from folk, brass, jazz and swing it fuses together the best of times gone by but it still has that fresh, modern edge that makes it accessible to listeners of today of, whether you are old or young this is something everyone can enjoy.

With a brand new album due for release next Spring funded by fans through Kickstarter, it is an exciting time for the band and with fans raising £9000 for the album in 4 weeks it’s got to be a nice reminder to the band that they are appreciated. For now though there is a European and UK tour happening through the last months of the year. The UK tour will start on October 22nd in Cardiff and visit Birmingham, London, Manchester, Sheffield and many more finishing up in Brighton on November 14th.

Check out the video for single ‘We’re All In This Together’ below:

To find out more about Gabby Young or to find out those tour dates visit her website. You can also like her Facebook page, check out her music on Soundcloud or iTunes. She also has a Tumblr blog you can follow or follow her on Twitter – @gabbyyoung




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