tracks of the week #26 & september playlist

After having a fair idea what was going into this post this week that all got changed when Monday came along with two new releases, one a side project from one of the members of one of my favourite bands and the other a track that landed in my inbox from a woman who I wrote about on here last week. The other tracks are one of my all time favourites and one that I’ve been meaning to put on here for over a month now. Also, there is my playlist for September, a mixed bag as usual but full of plenty of new music as September has seen the arrival of lots of new gems.

Cosmo – Yalla

Only announced on Monday, Cosmo is the side project from Felix White of The Maccabees. Having produced an EP of 6 tracks all recorded inbetween touring Given To The Wild with The Maccabees, it features guest appearances from the likes of Jack Penate, Jessie Ware, Florence Welch and his brother and fellow Maccabees guitarist, Hugo White. This track in particular has a quite wonderful and almost epically atmospheric sound to it. If you are a Maccabees fan and loved Given To The Wild and it’s sparseness and atmospheric quality then you will love this as their is a fair bit of crossover however it is undeniably separate from the band at the same time. Needless to say I’ve already bought my copy of the album and I’m sure this side project will find a place in many hearts especially of my fellow Maccabees fans who are patiently and expectantly waiting for the next album.

Helene Greenwood – Spindrift Road

Opening with guitar riffs and synthy piano, it has a completely ska feel to the music. The clean sounding and brilliant vocals of Greenwood come in, you wouldn’t think they would fit with this sort of sound but they really do standing out well against the funfair sounding music that sits in the background. Halfway through it all goes quiet before the more usual sound we have come to know from Helene arrives. Gentle piano playing brings us in before the angelic, almost precious vocals start taking the fore but also sitting well with the melodies brought about by the tinkling ivories. I wrote about Helene and her beautiful music on my blog last week but I know right now it is safe for me to say that is you want some really gorgeous music to listen to then listen to her’s.

Seawaves – Fragments

Dreamy, ambient sounds are woven all the way throughout this track. Twinkling synths give it an almost magical effect with a fastpaced beat in the chorus which gives a break to the flowing sounds of the rest of the track. It’s a really wonderful song from one of my new favourite recent discoveries.

Kids In Glass Houses – Saturday

Seen as Kids In Glass Houses are releasing their fourth album on Monday and it has been streaming over on all week I thought it would be nice for a little blast from the past. This is from the band’s first album ‘Smart Casual’ and is one of my favourite songs of their’s, it’s catchy sing a long chorus and guitar hooks make this a brilliant song and an awesome moment in their live sets. If you’ve never listened to KIGH before then now is the time to start and what better track to start with than one of their biggest singles to date.

September’s Playlist:


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