LFW S/S 2014: Meadham Kirchoff

After putting out one of my favourite collection of A/W 13/14, Meadham Kirchoff have done it again and created one of the best and standout collections of LFW S/S 14. This designer brand have a knack of being consistently brilliant and playing with fashion to make it fun and different but in a way that is a lot more wearable than a lot of other brands manage and that is why I love these guys and their shows so much.
With plenty of black running throughout teamed up with a lot of white making it quite a monochromatic collection. Accents some from grey trim on pockets before the brights come along on the form of pillar box red and in your face yellow. There is silver buttons on the jackets, gold sequinned gloves, red leather gloves, gold bows on the shoes, gold metallic jackets with snakeskin collars. They are taking the very classic almost historical look of their clothes and adding a modern twist.

There’s big hats, gloves, collar pieces, pleated skirts, oversized blazers and underwear worn as outerwear with almost Victorian style nighties worn as dresses. There is some good tailoring on the blazers from the opening looks but mainly the clothes are oversized and hide the figure underneath especially the big skirts. The emphasis here is mainly on the waist through every look really showing off and drawing attention to the point that the waist is important to creating a woman’s shape.

But though it seems the historical shapes and long hemlines make this collection respectable the pair have added a playful side to this with the batwing sunglasses, little teddy bears on the bag and the dresses being reminiscent of the ones you would find dolls wearing. With Southern farmer girl plaits and Austrian milk maid style dresses, the references are coming from all over and are not always strict and serious as you would presume.

Sheer fabrics, the use of lace and crocheting, yellow sheer dresses with intricate rose and leaf applique and black and white gingham checks gives the fabrics a look of richness. Everything looks so beautiful and intricately made, especially the floral appliques, it is so well thought through and put together. This is a brilliant collection.


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