tracks of the week #28

Beautiful, down tempo songs and upbeat catchy tempos both feature in this week’s track. 5 tracks from 5 very different artists, some you will have heard of, some you may not. Let me know what you think about this week’s choices.

The Maccabees – Went Away

What can I say about The Maccabees that I haven’t already said at some point on my blog except they are completely wonderful and one of my favourite bands to listen to whatever mood I’m in there is always a song there for that moment. While waiting for the release of the fourth album which I’m hoping is early next year I’m playing the hell out of their back catalogue as usual and with so many gems, including this single from their stunning third album ‘Given To The Wild’, you will never get bored of listening to these guys.

Laura Welsh – Unravel

After reading about this girl in Clash magazine a couple of months ago I instantly made a point of checking out her stuff which led me to this song. A beautiful track with piano chords backing up the vocals with a pop, almost hip hop beat in the chorus adding a more modern, accessible edge to what would otherwise be classed as a ballad. There are some really good sounds here and it is nice to hear the two different styles come together so well in this track. She is definitely one to keep an eye on over the next few months.

Haim – The Wire

The latest single from the Californian sisters who’s album went straight in at number 1 last Sunday is yet another brilliant and catchy one. Full of sing along moments, retro tinged guitars and the beautiful vocal harmonies of the girls who’s voices fit together so well. The video I absolutely love, I find it quite funny and it’s a nice change to see the men being the pathetic ones pining for their ex instead of that always being a woman’s role. I’ll rein my feminism in now and just say that this is one of the songs of the year in my opinion from one of the success stories of 2013.

Falty DL – Fly Race

A new EP from FaltyDL appeared on Soundcloud earlier this week, ‘Donna Chambray Loren’ as I’ve read on some sites is being billed as some sort of alter-ego EP based around a specific character. I’m not sure if that is actually true but I can say that the EP is really very good. Taking ambient sounds, fast beats, electro sounds of today and yesteryear and some underlying R’n’B influences to make this five track EP. I chose ‘Fly Race’ to feature because it slightly wins as my favourite on the release, it’s the longest track and features electronic beats, a low toned constant hum running throughout the background and brilliant stodgy bass sounds. The ‘Donna Chambrey Loren’ EP is available to download for free from Soundcloud right now.

Thumpers – Sound of Screams

Seen as I am seeing Thumpers again this weekend as they are supporting Chvrches I thought it would give me the perfect excuse to add one of their brilliant songs to this week’s post. If there is something that Thumpers are good at it is catchy, uptempo tunes with plenty of big beats, synths and vocals harmonies/rounds that just create such a huge sound that makes you want to dance. They’ve done that again with this song like all their others released to date. If you are seeing Chvrches on their tour get down early to catch Thumpers, you won’t regret it.


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