LFW S/S 2014: Simone Rocha

I think sometimes especially with their being so many shows and designers at every single fashion week it is easier to stick with the well known names. I know from catching it all at home that I am certainly guilty of that but I do think it is good to check out the other shows from names that are brand new or you may not have checked out before and with much better coverage of all the shows from big names to new talent there is really no reason not to now especially as a stay at home blogger for the shows. Simone Rocha was one of the names I made a point to check out after appearing on my Instagram feed I liked what I saw and decided to check it out further and I’m glad I did as this is a brilliant collection.
Like a few other designers this was a mainly monochromatic collection with white and black taking centre stage. Black outfits with pearl floral chains running around hemlines, bottoms of trousers, creating collar pieces, the end of sleeves etc. Cut outs was also a main theme of this collection either as smaller slits showing off the skin underneath or as big cut out squares with sheer black tulle sewn over the top. There is frilly edged pockets, low hanging waistbands hung on the hip like the skirts of the 20’s and ruffled waistbands adding volume to the waistbands, sheer socks with the white flowers running around the seam and collars with some of the looks that are almost reminiscent of the ruffles worn in Tudor times, albeit a smaller version.

On some garments there is good tailoring creating well fitting clothes while on others there is oversized smock coats and big skirts. Floral black lace used to make trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets and crop tops while, when the only standout colour of the collection, racing green comes in it brings with it box bags and leather oversized long coats. There is a dress with a sheer and utterly see-through top with a huge black skirt creating a wonderful dress with a different shape and juxtaposition of colour and style. The end of the collection sees more cut out, more slits, more black, more white, more flowers and ending on organza veils wrapped around the model almost cocooning them in their outfit.

It’s a brilliant collection, grown up, discovering itself and creating and portraying a women that is not scared of herself, her looks and being who she wants to be through the clothes she wears.


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