tracks of the week #29

Final tracks of the week post from me for a couple of weeks as I’m away next weekend though I do have some posts planned for when I am away mainly some good new bands for you all to have a listen to. For now though I’ve got 5 tracks for you from ambient indie pop to house remixes of dance producers. Something for everyone I think and hopefully you will find some songs you like here.

WeSpeakProse – Corners in Circles

Some high pitched electronic sounds start this before deeper, more drawn out bass electronics are added. With all the synth sounds it has a spacey vibe before faster, dubby accents come in. This track is just a huge mash up of different noises and though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I quite like the difference in tempo and reliance on making electronic noises sound more interesting than the sometimes, slightly boring additions they can be to songs. I’ll let you make your own mind up about this one though.

Mt Wolf – Midnight Shallows

I’m a huge fan of Mt Wolf and their beautiful, ambient tracks and this one is yet another favourite of mine already. With atmospheric, flowing synth and soft drums backing up the huge and tuneful vocals, this is just a song that has all the elements of wonderful indie with an electro yet softer edge.

Disclosure – F For You [TEED Remix]

Two of my favourite artists coming together on this track was always going to be a good thing for me. With Disclosure’s brilliant ‘F For You’ remixed by the great TEED upping the beats and creating a more jungle-esque vibe. With deeper sounds added and the quick vocals of the chorus remaining, this is a really great remix retaining the best of the original and building upon it to create something even better.

Suddenly Us – Are You Easy To Please

Sheffield’s own Suddenly Us are currently building up a good reputation as well as plenty of experience through playing shows around the city. This track was filmed at one of their shows in Sheffield and shows some real promise of talent and good musicality from the band. There are catchy, quick guitar melodies and some really good rock and roll vocals with a rhythm that will get your foot tapping. This is a band to keep an eye out for.

Autobahn – Tough Love

Starting with guitar feedback before cymbals crash their way in, the guitar on this one gives the track a feel of Joy Division adding a bit of the 80’s to what is otherwise a very grungy track mixed. Shouted punk Johnny Rotten-esque vocals creates a raw track that just focuses on the music and lyrics and doesn’t throw a load of unnecessary things at it, punk making a return in it’s most natural of ways.


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