new fashion purchases

I’m a little bit behind on the whole personal side of my blog and that includes recent purchases catch up’s. I was going to put everything all in one post but with so many pictures and lots of things I thought it may be blog overload so I’ve split it into 3 posts that will hopefully all be published soon and not get caught in their usual backlog of other things. So for now here is a little round up of all the new additions to my wardrobe.

Galaxy Print Dress from ASOS

I love this dress so much, I’ve already featured it in an outfit post before. It’s perfect, bright and fits well and is genuinely something I would wear pretty much everyday if I could.

Grey Patent Brogues from Dorothy Perkins

I’d been after some new brogues for a while and when I spotted these for £10 in the sale at Dorothy Perkins a couple of months ago I couldn’t resist them. They fit so well and are so comfortable, if only they had them still in stock so I could purchase more pairs in other colours then my feet would be very happy.

Skull Print Snood from Asda

I never thought I would be one to succumb to the snood trend but here I am with a snood and what a bloody lovely one it is too. £4 it cost and I think that is amazing value for money when I saw one similar but floral print in Tesco for £8 as well. One thing I have noticed recently is all supermarkets upping their clothing game but specifically Asda. This will see my neck not suffering from the terribly cold weather I imagine we have to come this winter.

Cat Print Skirt, Purple Tights, Rings and Pork Pie Hat, all from H&M

Green Jumper and Olive Tights from H&M
Sorry for terrible picture quality
My thing with H&M at the moment is that I say I’m going in to have a look and I’m not going to buy anything but I always end up leaving with a couple of new items at least. Tights are things I actually needed and Primark has been lacking in the rainbow selection I’m so proud of owning so H&M is the next best, cheap but very good quality. Jumpers I can never have enough of especially in beautiful teals and a pork pie hat is something I’ve been after for so long and for £7 I was having one. The cat print skirt is so cute and there was no way this cat obsessed 22 year old was leaving the shop without one of these skirts. H&M, thank you for consistently producing good and affordable clothes though my bank account may not be as happy as me.

Stripe Shirt from Primark

On my quest to stock up on essential items only, which saw me spend over £50 in Primark [I didn’t think that was even possible believe me], led me to this shirt. After getting everything I needed I went to the till and spotted this on the way. I don’t think you can ever have enough striped shirts as they work with pretty much everything and the boxy cut is pretty cool and different. I like the navy and white, it’s a classic combination but just don’t stare at the shirt too long or it will mess with your eyesight as I found out earlier today.

Biker Boots from River Island

As I said before I’m trying to stock up on essentials, be that basic bits and pieces we all need or winter essentials like scarves, thick socks, a good coat and a good pair of boots. I own quite a few pair of boots but bar my trusty Doc Martens I don’t really have anything else winter proof so these biker boots are perfect for a transitional piece that I could wear in bad weather as well. With a hard-wearing sole perfect for snow and ice and the round toe shape perfect for my wide feet, they are comfortable, practical but also fashionable enough to be on trend but will last for many seasons. For £45, I think this was a really good purchase, there are cheaper boots out there that are nowhere near as good and more expensive boots that are just as good or in some cases worse.

Tartan Coat from Boohoo

As I said with the boots I was after a good winter coat this year as I only really have one winter coat and that is my trusty parka. This was in my winter coats ‘6 of the best…’ post and I decided to buy it and see what it was like in the flesh and I must admit that I really do love it. It is tartan and therefore a fashionable piece for now but for me tartan is something that is always on trend really and just because it is big now doesn’t mean it won’t still be around in a few years anyway. The coat is a really baggy fit which is good for fitting layers underneath with the tighter biker jacket sleeves which unzip at the bottom for extra room when needed. My only issue is there being no zip and just one button which doesn’t really fasten the coat amazingly well. For someone that never really fastens their coat anyway I guess it’s not that much of a big deal but for others I imagine it is more of an issue. But overall it is a nice, well made coat that will see me through months of wear, all for £60 which for a winter coat these days is pretty much bargain status.

The amount of wear I will get out of the boots and the coat is more than worth the money for both really and I’m finally glad that I have reached an age where I take into consideration the practicality of an item of clothing or footwear as well as how fashionable it is. It may be a sign I’m getting old but my wardrobe and wallet are much more thankful of this new change in ideal.


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