tracks of the week #30

The return of my tracks of the week posts sees a usual broad spectrum of acts – a brand new track from one of my new favourites, this year’s Mercury Prize winner, one band I’ve seen recently and 2 bands from my home city. Enjoy!

To Kill A King – Choices

After seeing To Kill A King last week it reminded me just how much I love those guys and their music. With such a brilliant set, they made the most of their time onstage from the quieter, more subdued moments to the laughs and jokes with the crowd. Here is a truly wonderful rendition of the band’s track ‘Choices’ that I mentioned in the live review of the gig last week and if you haven’t already watched this, watch it now and listen to this beautiful version.

Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down

I should have seen Arctic Monkeys last weekend but they unfortunately had to cancel [get well soon Alex!] but nonetheless I’ve been listening to a lot of them recently not just their brand new and very good release ‘AM’ but their entire back catalogue. Sometimes you just forget how many good songs a band have until you take the time to re-listen to their work or go and see them live and the Sheffield quartet definitely fall into the category of a band with many good songs under their belts and this is certainly one of them. Also, the pub featured in the video is like a 5 minute walk from my house, slight and not very brilliant really claim to fame right there.

James Blake – Digital Lion

After winning the Mercury Music Prize from his recent album ‘Overgrown’ last week I thought it was only right that I included one of the songs from that album in my tracks this week. In my opinion, his album is one of the best of the year and it was definitely a deserving winner. There was around 4 albums I wanted to win so for one of them to actually win is pretty good. If you haven’t already checked out his second album, or indeed his debut, then give them both a listen as they are brilliant.

65 Days of Static – Prisms

65 Days of Static are bloody brilliant and when I saw them at Tramlines a couple of years ago they completely blew me away with how good they are. That said I barely ever talk about them on here which is something I really need to change. This single is taken from the band’s recent album ‘Wild Light’, it is a brilliant taster of an album that has got plenty of music writers and lovers excited. If you’ve never listened to the band before then definitely give this a listen, it is a brilliant starting point to introduce yourself to this band’s music.

La Bete Blooms – Sigh Away

I told you I would be writing a lot about these on this blog after a great first single and a good live show a couple of months ago in Sheffield and now they have backed all that up again with another pretty brilliant single. ‘Sigh Away’ has the indie rock vibes and atmospheric sounds reminiscent of early 90’s acts, the vocals have that nonchalant edge to them and with a chorus of building melodic guitar riffs and harmonious vocals, it is the perfect mix of cool indie and catchy sounds.


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