EP Review: Tangerine – Radical Blossom

I originally wrote this piece for On The Come Up TV and even though it’s been published on there I thought I’d share it on here with you guys too because I absolutely loved this EP and I definitely think they are a band you all need to know about.

Radical Blossom
Swoon Records

Known for grunge and heavy notes Seattle gives way and calms down to the melodic softness of its latest exports Tangerine and their new release ‘Radical Blossom’.

Woozy reverbed guitar backs up beautiful vocals on ‘Feel This Way’ before a prominent funky bass line come in. The chorus is almost sickly sweet with ‘la’s’, a 60’s feel and swaying rhythm, this one will instantly lift your mood and get your feet tapping. A Strokes-esque riff shows their influences range from retro simplicity to more recent indie greats.

A very obvious 60’s vibe from the first chords of ‘Hanford Riviera’ with guitar seeped in nostalgic tones long thought lost. The vocals are childlike in their sweetness; it’s a real treat to find a voice of this calibre these days. There’s an abundance of melody here, it may be simpler instrumentation-wise than other current bands but it proves you don’t need to throw everything at a song to make it good.

Vocals backed by occasional echoing strums open ‘Mars’, it has the ‘oh’s’ and rhythm to make you sway your hips and click your fingers like they did in the 50’s. It somehow manages to take a rock edge, scuzzy psychedelic riff and pounding drums of the final chorus and mix it with atmospheric wistful pop sounds of yesteryear to produce something truly brilliant and different to everything else out there right now.

Deep rumbling bass brings in final track ‘The Runner’, more current sounding than the others with an indie shoegaze sound reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. The references are there through this EP but they construct a sound all of their own. A steady beat and harmonious vocals are coupled with crashing hi-hats and strong guitar, spherical and muffled in nature, adding interesting elements to this quite wonderful last effort.

Radical Blossom by Tangerine

To find out more about Tangerine visit their website, their Facebook page, listen to them on Soundcloud or follow them on Twitter – @tangerine_band


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