ootd: tartan & bowlers

Jumper – H&M / Tartan Coat – Boohoo Boutique / Dress – Tesco / Bowler Hat – H&M / Bag – Olivia and Joy from Macy’s / Scarf – H&M / Undergroud Creepers

There is so much I love about this outfit and that is easily why it is one of my favourites of autumn so far. The jumper and the coat are both new purchases which I absolutely adore. The coat I have worn so much over the past few weeks and it is really comfy and warm though the sleeves are slightly restricting which is only a minor issue. It may be time to hand over to a thicker coat soon though as the weather is turning colder and colder already which brings me to mention that I’ve bought yet another new coat. I don’t buy any winter coats for ages and then two in a matter of weeks. It was instant love and I’ll feature it on the blog as soon as possible. The jumper is from H&M and is so warm and cosy, a thinner knit than a lot of my other jumpers but still so warm and it is such a lovely colour. The dress I bought in the summer and it is very bright and summery but just chucking a jumper over the top and some tights underneath means I can still get plenty of wear out of it in the colder months too while adding a pop of colour to the drab grey skies of the UK in November.

Again I’m so excited for when we move and I should actually have some better space to take really good outfit pictures but the waiting game is on and it’s just a matter of time and fingers crossed we move in before Christmas because I’ve boxed all my stuff up already as you can tell I’m excited to move. The rest of my life at the moment revolves around decorating, seeing the last few bands I have tickets for this year [but I have an exciting 2014 of gigs already!] and writing, writing, writing. Writing for 3 sites, this one, Yuppee and OnTheComeUpTV is pretty brilliant for me to keep up a good standard and pace of writing regardless of being unemployed. I constantly have so many things to write about on here, especially music wise and sometimes it takes longer for me to publish an album review that I would like because of the backlog of posts but that does show that there is some insane talent out there if I constantly have things to write about. I know this blog is about fashion and music but sometimes I could do with a page just solely about music and one just solely about fashion as there is so much stuff to write about. And don’t forget though I have a lot to write about I’m always on the lookout for more so feel free to get in touch about music, fashion, lifestyle or book related things, contact details are on the Contact page at the top of the blog.


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