LFW S/S 2014: Erdem & Fashion East – Ryan Lo


A simple collection full of monochrome, brilliant tailoring and it’s all about the textures – lace, quilting, sheer fabrics. This is grown up fashion that still looks cool and edgy with white biker jackets with and without frilly details on the shoulders and below knee skirts with huge slits up the front. Classy, wearable looks have modern up to date twists with structuring see side-swept skirts and dresses and cut out details on blazers and heavy duty leather block sandals. Almost regal looking crests are appliquéd on sheer fabrics of dresses, shirts and skirts and script writing on vests have sheer vests layered over the top giving a misted effect. White lace leggings worn under skirts, feathers on dresses, black rim on white dresses, leather pleated knee length skirts and yellow and white florals on black jackets and dresses complete this simple but good collection.

Fashion East showcases three new designers collections putting them right in front of buyers, bloggers and fashion experts in an opportunity that they can not pass up surely. Collections this season came from Ryan Lo, Claire Barrow and Ashley Williams. After looking at all three collections I thought I would feature my favourite collection of the three which comes from Ryan Lo.
Ryan Lo uses lots of layers and a mix of textures and fabrics to create interesting outfits with feathers, lace, crochets, sheer tulle, metallics, felt used. This is a fairytale, princess like collection with fairy patterns and styles. Sheep, pig and cow print cardigans, house bags, big geeky glasses, felt bunny and mouse ears, crocheted daisy capes with bright navy ribbon fastening, knits with strawberries, polka dots, cherries, panda ears and eye make-up – all of which adds a fun, almost childish atmosphere to everything, taking the fashion stakes a bit less seriously but still producing a good collection.

With colour ways including whites, pastels, yellow, pale greens, peachy tones, deep pinks, light mustard, brown, you can’t say that this isn’t a colourful collection. Taking underwear and wearing it an outerwear and taking intricate white lace striped with yellow sheer tulle create see through and daring outfits but because it looks so girly and geeky it seems more wearable and respectable. There is also thin wool knits perfect for spring when you still need something warm to wear, pom pom coats that give a cute and cuddly feel to the collection. This is truly a happy, optimistic and joyful collection with sharp silhouettes and everything here is nicely made and looks completely beautiful.


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