recent a/w purchases

H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams Coats – £59.75 [originally £79.99]

So I mentioned recently that I bought another coat, one that was love at first sight and let me introduce you to it. I went to Meadowhall recently with the intention of finishing Christmas shopping, in reality I got one Christmas present and spent a ton on myself. The best kind of Christmas present I’m sure you’ll agree. So I walked in through the Debenhams entrance and spotted this coat on a mannequin and I was instantly like I love this, figured it was Henry Holland, found the Henry Holland concession, spotted it, tried it on, did my best ‘there is no way I’m leaving the shop without this’ routine, found it had 25% off and went straight to the till and bought it. Officially the best £60 I’ve spent all year. It’s so warm, comfortable, slouchy, navy so will go with everything but also with some interesting patterns on it, a hood, huge pockets for all my general crap I keep in pockets and basically it’s just perfect. I love Henry Holland’s stuff and this coat is no exception, it’s my new favourite thing and I’m so glad I bought it.

Green Lace Back Thin Knit from Primark – £6

I love this, it’s thin and easy to wear yet still warm. I love the colour and the lace detail is just beautiful especially for an item from Primark. £6 is a total bargain. Though beware in really cold weather it does get a little chilly around the shoulders if you go out without a coat. But still a lovely piece.

Wine Faux Velvet Skirt from Primark – £8

My quest for the perfect wine coloured velvet [or faux velvet] skirt has been a long one but as soon as I spotted this in Primark I knew I’d found the one. So many I’ve seen fell short in some way, too long, too short, not the correct colour, too expensive etc. This one though is perfect, the correct colour, it looks good, the right length and all for under £10. I love you for this, Primark.

Floral and Birds Cosmetics Bag, Black Flower Bobble, Grey Over the Knee Socks and Denim Look Tights, all from Primark

So I initially went in Primark for some basics, tights, bobbles, a new cosmetics bag, socks etc, which I left with but I am constantly getting distracted by all the amazing or cute little things they have in stock at the moment. Plus, with the quality of items going up I don’t mind buying more statement pieces from there these days as they may last a little longer than they did. There isn’t really much to say about these except I needed them and they are nice but the tights in particular are amazing and really do look like denim which is quite impressive.

Faux Leather Skirt by F&F at Tesco – £7 [sale price]

I’ve wanted one of these skirts for a while, I saw one in Forever 21 for a good £10 more. I picked this up in the sale bit at Tesco and for £7 you can’t go wrong. Though I do need to stop picking up clothes in Tesco just coz they are in the sale as it’s turning into an expensive habit. The only issue: I bought my size but it’s way too big for me. I could have gotten away with a size or maybe in two smaller and this is an issue I’ve also had with a dress from Tesco too, so beware if you pick up clothes from there at any point they are usually way too big so downsize.

Patterned Drop Hem Dress from H&M – £19.99

So I went into H&M to get a bag and shoes and left with a dress and no shoes or bag. Logic of my brain. To be fair, the shoes I saw online were way too high for me and the bag wasn’t in stock. However, this is beautiful and H&M do have some brilliant items in at the moment. I love this dress, it’s a bit milkmaid chic which sort of reminded me of Meadham Kirchoff’s A/W 13 and S/S 14 collections but at a purse friendly price. Plus, the drop waist is just perfect, I’m totally in love with these as they are so 1920’s, my favourite fashion era. This will be perfect for the day with boots or brogues, a blazer or a big coat.

Black Sparkle Tights and Black & White Striped Tee both from H&M

So on the quest to find the bag I’m truly in love with I headed into the H&M in Sheffield town centre. I was out of luck again and informed they had sold out in store, I’ve ordered online but still the wait is too long. Anyway, I picked up these two bits. A striped tee in the sale for £4, you can never have too many baggy striped tee’s I feel and some sparkly tights which I’ve been after for a couple of weeks but only ever finding really expensive ones or very thin tights where as these are thick enough for winter leg warmth, a reasonable price and they will be perfect for the festive season. Yet again H&M you have come up tops for me.

Where have your A/W purchases been from? Are you as impressed with H&M and Primark as I am at the moment?


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