ootd: h! by henry holland coat

Coat – H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams / Jumper – Forever 21 / Skirt – Topshop / Bag – Topshop [old] / Scarf – H&M / Beanie – Primark / Ring – Vintage Fair

So what a few weeks it has been and hence very scarce on the old blogging front. We have finally moved house! I am literally so happy about this. Although, I’ve been sleeping on the sofa ever since we moved in two weeks ago as I’ve been waiting for my mattress for my bed so I’m extremely tired, apologies in advance for any ramblings that may occur. I’m currently living in piles of boxes and storage containers and just general crap that I didn’t even know we had so I’ve not had time to do much writing up until now really. I managed to get these outfit photos taken just before we moved, hence old bathroom and not all that brilliant pictures but hopefully now we’ve moved once I’m a bit more sorted I can take much better pictures in my bigger bedroom and get my tripod and camera set up properly.

This coat is what I featured earlier this week and as I said then I completely love it, scrap that I completely adore it. Is it normal to adore a coat? I’m not sure but I do because this once is amazing! I’ve worn it so much this winter already, it’s warm and cosy and goes with everything in my wardrobe. The jumper is new from when I went to London and I really love how slouchy it is. A girl can never have too many jumpers and from someone that owns a lot of jumpers they are words I live by. A baggy jumper with a tighter fitting skirt is something I pretty much lived in at winter time when I was at uni, all put together with a huge coat, massive bag, a nice scarf and some form of hat. It’s a safe bet for me winter wise, warm yet somewhat stylish and making it look like I have put a little bit of effort in at least.

I have a couple more posts lined up before Christmas and then it’s my round up’s of the year which I’ve done for the past two or three years and they are something I really enjoy. If you’ve never read them before then one of them is like my list of best music, fashion, tv etc of the year and then the other one is a more personal one looking at what I’ve done, the good bits, the bad bits, the memorable bits and then some targets for myself for the next year. I probably won’t get chance to say this again on here before the big day so have a good Christmas everyone! 🙂


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