ootd: christmas day

Dress – H&M / Tights – H&M / Shoes – George at Asda / Necklace – Boutique in Rome / Bracelet – Topshop / Watch – Casio / Rings – Glitter stone from antique shop, amber ring was my Grandma’s

Not overly sure why the first photo has come out so grainy, I think the dull day, pattern on my dress and glittery tights have messed with the quality somewhat but it’s all a learning curve with taking outfit photos in a new room with different spaces and lights and I’m sure I will get used to it soon and come up with some better pictures.

Anyway, here is the outfit that I wore for Christmas Day this year. With it being just me and my mum there is no point getting too overly dressed up but it is a day where I always make an effort. I always have from the big family Christmas meals we used to have years ago and I guess that mentality has just stuck. I went from this drop waist dress from H&M because a) I love it, it’s dressy but not overly, b) I’ve not had chance to wear it yet since buying in November and c) it would totally hide having eaten too much at dinner and not make me too uncomfortable with the inevitable after Christmas dinner podge. So this dress totally scores on comfort and being just the right side of posh to get away with for things like meals. It’s got a lovely pattern on it, just the right length and nice, not tight sleeves. It was a winner of a dress for me on Christmas Day that is for sure.

I teamed it with gold glitter tights and glitter heels, you can never have too much sparkle at Christmas and that time of year though for any other occasion I would tone the sparkle down a bit. Most of my jewellery worn is my go to jewellery for when I go on nights or meals out. Though the rings aren’t, the amber ring was my Grandma’s and is something I love but never really wear because I’m hugely scared of either losing it or breaking it as I genuinely would be so upset and the sparkly, almost mystic looking stone ring was a new purchase that I saw in an antique shop the other week and knew I had to have, it was very reasonably priced at around £45 and it is another welcome and lovely addition to my collection of rings.

Christmas was relatively quiet again this year, it was nice to be in the new house even though we were surrounded by chaos but we made the best of it. Presents in the morning [where I got completely spoilt by my mum and my friends and I’m truly grateful for every single thing I got], Christmas dinner at 1pm, asleep by half 3 and then a night spent watching Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. A lovely and quiet Christmas for 2013, just the way I like my Christmases.


2 thoughts on “ootd: christmas day

  1. Thank you! :)Ah I was going to put up an xmas haul post but was unsure whether to or not but I definitely will get one written and on the blog over the next couple of weeks.


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