december’s fashion buys

I have quite a lot of catch up on fashion/new purchases wise before I even start getting around to the Christmas sales and my purchases from that. So I better get starts on rounding up buys from around mid-November through to Christmas time.

Tartan Smock Dress from Ark, £26.99

Black Floral Crop Shirt from Ark, £16.99

I love Ark and pretty much every single item of clothing they stock in there but most of their clothing is priced out of my budget. Though after not being in for a look for a very long time I thought it was about time I ventured in and potentially treat myself a little. As soon as I saw these two pieces hanging on the rails I knew I had to have them. I was after a new top anyway to go with some high waisted shorts I was planning to wear the week after for a night out and the tartan smock was too perfect to leave behind. Both are perfect fits, very well made, sort of reasonably priced and are just the sort of items I was looking for. The thing I like about Ark is with them stocking a huge variety of brands and labels there is a lot of different and amazing stuff in there all at once offering you something different to what is on the majority of the high street. Yes it is a little bit more expensive but in the long run it is worth shelling out the extra few pounds for lovely and slightly more unique clothing.

Owl Ear Muffs from John Lewis, £10

If there is one thing I really truly hate it’s cold ears so with it being winter I decided now was the perfect time to finally keep my little ears warm against the cold. I usually sport a woolly hat but on days where I have my hair up it’s just not practical so ear muffs are the only solution. I saw these in John Lewis and knew these were the ones I would be buying. Owls are one of my favourite things, I have so much owl related stuff it’s insane so why not add something else to that collection and now my ears are nice and toasty warm even when it is freezing outside. You always get little heat up silcone pads that slot in the ear muffs to give you that extra bit of warmth which for £10 is amazing value for money.

Black and Gold Box Clutch from H&M, £15

I’ve been after this bag for so long and now I finally have it! I never really have any nice bags for nights out so I thought it was time to change that with this one. It almost reminds me of 1920’s style with the gold on black design. It took me well over a month to get this though and I’m not overly happy with H&M’s delivery service if I’m honest. It sold out in stores so I ordered online with some other items, the other items were despatched instantly but took forever to arrive [also cheers for hanging up on my H&M customer services when I rang to find out where it was] then a month later this was finally despatched. It’s needless to say I will not be ordering for H&M again after that. Lovely bag not so lovely customer service.

Glitter Court Shoes and Navy Stud Court Shoes both from Asda, £10 and £14 respectively

£10 for a pair of glittery court shoes is something I am all over and something my purse is extremely happy about. They are lovely shoes, a nice, small heel making them easy to walk in and a wonderful fit. The other shoes again are cheap for what they are, they fit well and are a lovely addition to my shoe wardrobe. Thanks Asda!

Raspberry Handbag from Matalan, £15

Not that I really needed a new handbag but sometimes you just see something that is in some way that little bit different and the complete reason why you should buy it. For me with this bag it was the colour – Raspberry – it’s a colour I love but I never really see very often fashion wise especially not on bags. The bag also looks a lot more expensive that it was and at £15 for such good quality, a big enough bag to fit all my everyday crap in, a short and long strap for hand, arm or shoulder carrying and again the lovely colour, it was a must have and it reminded me that I must make an effort to visit Matalan more often as they do usually have some total gems in for very affordable prices.

After not only treating myself with the above items but others over the course of December, it means January and February will be quiet months fashion wise I imagine. Did any of you manage to get an end of year haul in before the inevitable spending ban at the beginning of the year?


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