EP Review: Puppet Rebellion – Chemical Friends

Originally written for and published on On The Come Up TV, I thought I would share with you a review of one of the stand out EP’s I reviewed last year that I haven’t written about on here before. So here is my review of Puppet Rebellion’s ‘Chemical Friends’ EP

Puppet Rebellion
Chemical Friends

Starting life earlier this year when frontman Simon Monaghan met drummer Chris Carcamo, the pair have spent the last few months recruiting members and recording their debut 3 track EP ‘Chemical Friends’. With post-punk influences and plenty of pent-up frustration from life in previous bands serving as lyrical inspiration, this formed the groundwork for the Manchester 5-piece’s first recordings.

It’s an instant start of pounding drums, quick cymbals and fast melodies on the title track, with a relentlessly fast pace throughout and little guitar hooks that add a catchy edge to the whole song. Lyrically this is full of angst though the vocals themselves are quite lethargic until the final chorus which sees an aggressive shouted tone.

The fast tempo continues with the constant rhythm and repetitive graduating guitar chords of ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’. “We don’t need you, I don’t believe you” are the lyrics of the chorus, repeated over and over, sung with malice clearly aimed at the people who’ve lied to the band at different points in their lives. Things quieten before building slowly up to one final chaotic chorus.

Marching band style drum brings in ‘The New Twenty’; there is a more relaxed feel here in comparison to the songs before it. The anger is still there and the quickness of the sounds but it is taken down with not as many chaotic elements. The quieter nature gives you a chance to hear the melody, showing that the band truly understands how to create songs full of harmony and great musicality.

It’s a great first effort with the only downside being that it’s way too short and leaves you wanting to hear more from Puppet Rebellion.

To find out more about Puppet Rebellion visit their website or their Facebook page. You can watch videos via their YouTube page or listen to their music via their Soundcloud page and you can follow them on Twitter – @puppetrebellion


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