tracks of the week #36

The second tracks of 2014 features some brilliant new songs and artists that should be on your radar for 2014 if they are not already. A previously unreleased track from one artist, a brilliant new find and plenty of instrumental efforts are all here. On reflection all the tracks this week have quite a chill out, laid back vibe to them which maybe showcases just how I’m feeling at the moment but more than likely just because they are bloody good songs. Let me know what you think of this week’s choices.

SBTRKT – r u n a w a y

A wonderfully mellow yet huge sounding track from the producer who’s debut album was one of my stand out’s of 2012 being one of the best debuts I’ve ever heard. With vocals from the wonderful Jessie Ware and amazing Sampha complementing the pulsating sounds and tinkling effects. It’s very short but very beautiful and I desperately hope the second album from SBTRKT will see the light of day this year.

Mogwai – Remurdered

Deep bass and padding drums build up slowly and quietly, soft piano is added to take the pace and volume up to meet guitar and the occasional hi-hat. The synths that arrive in the middle of the song sound like Kraftwerk but mixed with a Norwegian metal act. It’s an instrumental track with a hell of a lot of atmosphere, it sounds slightly sinister like the build up moment to somebody being murdered in a crime/detective drama. It definitely deserving of it’s title and if any film/tv producers are after some atmospheric music for their production this would be a good shout.

Laura Groves – Pale Shadows

Melancholy sounds, gentle thudding drums, organ and constant, soft rhythm all back up the almost fragile sounding vocals of Groves in the verses before they grow into a full, wonderfully harmonious voice that really takes you in. In a world now where there are a lot of good female vocalists out there though they all seem to get compared to each other this is a girl that is just making music she loves while showcasing her clear talent for singing with such a beautiful voice and great songs she really is one to watch this year.

Lone – Dream Ache

Lone back at his best in my opinion with this dreamy, ambient soundscape of a track. With graduating ebb and flow electronics sitting above the constant percussion and atmospheric sounds, it’s just brilliant.


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