katy perry – killer queen

Let’s get one thing straight right away I love Katy Perry, she’s a pop star I admire like Gaga and Beyonce but each of them for different reasons. Gaga for her insistence to turn pop music into some form of art and I love that, Beyonce because she’s Beyonce [obvs] but her whole independent woman thing from way back in Destiny’s Child through to now has stuck with me but for Katy Perry it’s a mix of good music, a great persona, she is independent but she’s also fun and has amazing fashion sense.

Regardless of that though I’ve never really been one for celebrity fragrances, firstly everyone and their uncle seems to have one out these days, especially at Christmas. Secondly, most of them really aren’t that nice smelling at all and thirdly I have terrible memories from the Britney perfume I used to wear years ago that has haunted me to this day. Since, Britney I graduated to Marc Jacobs and vowed I would never look back until now.

So the purchase may have been spurred on slightly by the fact it was half price at Boots but after reading so many posts praising this perfume I knew it was at least worth a smell to see what all the hype was about. I walked in, tested it and to my surprise I really did love it. I walked away from it for a bit but going round the store the scent grew on me so I knew that I was going to buy it. At £12.99 as well you can’t go wrong, I mean the full price of £25 is extremely reasonable against my Marc Jacobs obsession but just over a tenner is even better.

The smell is quite strong meaning you don’t need much to smell good but it’s not overpowering, it’s warming and the girl who served me in Boots said it reminded her of Cherry Blossom and I can’t agree more. I’m no perfume expert but after doing some research, i.e. heading to the Perfume Shop’s website, it’s clear to see why as it has a slight sweet aroma mixed in with darker, almost oriental and musky tones. With heart notes of Red Velvet Flower and Natural Jasmine Sambac, Top Notes of Dark Plum, Wild Berry and Bermangoc and Base Notes that features Cashmeran and Liquid Praline, it’s a strong mix of strong smells that according to the Perfume Shop creates a Floriental scent.

All I know is this perfume smells amazing and it has given me some hope that not all celebrity perfumes are bad. Not only is the perfume itself really good though but so is the bottle which is shaped like a red ruby with it’s own little crown sort of thing on top that has tiny little cats on it which is insanely cute. The perfume is named after one of her tracks and with the regal name, regal packaging, the bottle shaped like a huge jewel and the rich smell, in a way it’s pure opulence. Katy Perry, I salute you, Killer Queen is amazing as are you!


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