this year’s january sale buys

The January sales this year were a complete mixed bag I think, some good stuff and some bloody awful stuff. A lot in my opinion was tat and a lot was still quite expensive even though it was meant to be in the sale and I still couldn’t justify a purchase. I made a list of what I really needed/would like and made my way through that. Topshop and Urban Outfitters were the first two places I looked but then after that I waited a good few weeks before looking through sales anywhere else. I found a couple of other gems but not as much as I have in recent years. Like I said the reason this round up of my January sale buys is so late is because I waited until later in the sales to have a look in some stores but better late than never here is a round up of my purchases this year.

Black Velvet and Lace Playsuit from Topshop, £15

Velvet and lace are two of my favourite fabrics, they make you feel a little bit special when you wear them because they are such nice fabrics. So put the two together on a playsuit and I’m definitely going to buy it. I don’t usually buy something all black like this as I find just an all black anything way too boring but with the different textures it gives it that little edge and I can easily add colour, pattern or accessories to this to complete the outfit. I never thought I’d see the day when I bought something all black like this but maybe it goes to show I’ve grown up a bit and have learnt to appreciate simplicity in fashion occasionally.

Skeleton Leggings from Topshop, £10

I love Topshop leggings because they fit really well, are long enough for my height and aren’t see through but they are quite expensive at around £18 normal price. At £10 it is much more reasonable a price to pay and these with the xray skeleton detail are really cool.

Silver T-Bar Shoes from Topshop, £15

How cool are these? They look spacey and geeky all at the same time, space geek anyone? Shoes in this style always remind me of primary school but in silver they add a cool edge and I’ve worn them twice since buying now and everytime I’ve got a load of compliments about how cool/awesome they are. Well done Topshop on the amazing shoes and the brilliant over £20 discount on these.

Green Velvet Dress from Urban Outfitters, £22

I made a list of things I really wanted from the sales this year as a guide and it really helped me focus on stuff I needed or would wear. A green velvet dress is something I’ve been after for while. I had an amazing one when I was a child and I loved dancing round the house in it but there is no way my 22 year old self can fit in that anymore. This, however, is the next chapter of my life’s favourite dress, it’s mildly bodycon so no wearing when going for a huge meal but as a dress for a night out or a posh evening then this would be perfect with some glittery heels. I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it suitable for daytime wear too though as I can see myself pretty much living in this dress.

Tartan Print Trousers from Urban Outfitters, £25

The quest for the perfect pair of tartan trousers has been a long one but I finally have them. I saw a nice pair in Topshop last year but at £42 I told myself to wait until sale time as that is a little much I thought for some trousers. Then I saw these on Urban Outfitters site and decided that these were the pair I had been after. At £25 it is a much more reasonable price for such a quality product. They are cropped so maybe not ideal for this time of year as my ankles found out the other day but they are something that can be worn all year round either dressed up with a shirt or blouse or down with a casual t-shirt. They are quite a statement piece but that is what I love about them, that and the fact I have succeeded in my quest for the perfect pair of tartan trousers.

Maroon Aztec Print Jacket from New Look, £12

I absolutely adore this jacket, it was one of those things that I saw online the night before I headed into town and put on my list to source out on the racks. I love maroon as a colour it goes well with lots of things and suits me and the aztec pattern gives it a little bit of interest. There is so many things this would go with in my wardrobe but it’s a little too thin to wear right now in the midst of winter so I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so I can wear it all the time as I know I will.

Black and White Crop Top from New Look, £5

I love this top, it’s simple and though cropped does cover the majority of my stomach [major win] so I know I will get a lot of wear out of it whether dressed up for a night out with a skirt or shorts or dressed down with a pinafore, denim skirt or high waisted trousers for the day.

Brown Brogues from New Look, £6

Ok, there is a bit of a shoe theme going on but for £6 when I needed a new pair of brogues anyway then I was going to have them. New Look shoes are quite good for me with their good range of sizes I always manage to find a shoe that fits my big feet. I’m not usually a massive fan of brown shoes but I really liked these and they are definitely something a little bit more noticeable than your usual black brogue.

Sparkly Pewter Ankle Boots from Dorothy Perkins, £15

A complete bargain that is what these boots were down from £55 to just £15. As soon as I saw them I knew I loved them and I just hoped they were my size. Luckily they were and the only ones left in the shop too. I feel very lucky with these boots and I absolutely love them, they are sparkly but not too much, a nice heel and something a bit different to your usual black ankle boot. I do think I may have gone slightly overboard with shoe buying this sale time but these should all last me a very long time and for such small prices who can say no.

I don’t think the sales this time were as good as they have been in previous years but I did manage to find some good bits and pieces. I had to really search for what I wanted but it made it all the better when I found something I really liked or was after. I also think making a list in advance of things you want, which I did this time round, really helped me narrow down the chances of buying stuff just because it’s cheap. After all that spending though I know I’m putting myself on a little spending ban for the next couple of months and just buying the essentials which means definitely not any more clothes or shoes.

Did you manage to pick up some bargains in the sales this year? Or were you left disappointed with what was on offer?


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