tracks of the week #38

4 very different tracks this week from rock and roll to shoegazey indie, as usual it’s a mixed bag but all have occupied my playlists a lot over the recent weeks. There is also January’s playlist on here too, full of new, old and everything inbetween.

Money – Hold Me Forever

A slow, ambient and building start of minimal sounds backing up the falsetto vocal. The drums pitter patter and the guitar quietly sits alongside everything else. With such epic sounds coming from the simplicity of the music it leaves the vocals drenched in emotion to really take centre stage and portray its story. A completely beautiful track.

Roaming Son – History of Violence

A band from Sheffield making a name for themselves for all the right reasons or better known as Roaming Son. With their 50’s sound, rock and roll vocals, wonderful rockabilly guitars and plenty of rhythm, these are a band you should be listening to and getting to know. After a great 2013, this year is surely set to be even better for them, be sure to check out my new music post on the band to find out all you need to know about Sheffield’s finest, Roaming Son.

Haim – Don’t Save Me

I’ve included Haim in playlists and tracks of the week posts so much you probably think I just repeat myself but it’s just because they are so goddamn good that I can not stop listening to them. I bought their album finally at the beginning of the year and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. I love those girls, their music, style and attitude and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

George Ezra – Cassy O’

A lovely, folky upbeat tune for the latest single from Sound of 2014’s 5th place act, George Ezra. His vocals on this track sound so mature and full of bravado with such a wonderful tone. The acoustic guitar is fast, melodic and sets quick rhythm that is bound to get people dancing at his live shows. Another brilliant single available to download now and is taken from Ezra’s new EP of the same name which is released on March 16th.

Just arriving on time on the very last day of January, my first monthly playlist of 2014 is here and with that also the scary realisation that we are now very nearly in the second month of this year already! When the hell did that happen?! Anyway, below is January’s playlist, it’s a nice mix of stuff to start this year off with and I hope you enjoy it.


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