new music: Tracey Browne & Raevennan Husbandes – Coming Home

I have featured Tracey Browne on the blog before with her poppy/folk tracks that feature acoustic guitars, wonderful vocals and a gentle, flowing tone. But the next single from her, which is released today, is a collaborative one with Raevennan Husbandes, a musician based in Lowestoft who has also been making a name for herself over the past couple of years with her music.

The pair met in February 2012 when they both worked with folk band The Unthanks and 12 other emerging musicians. Together all acts worked to perform at Manchester’s Band on the Wall week long musical residency which sees collaborations and performances. The collaboration and friendship the pair started back then has continued since and they spent much of last year working on an album together which is due for release in 2014.

Both have plenty of experience in the industry with Tracey being a regular member of Thea Gilmore’s live band since 2010 before releasing her own solo material such as 2012’s single ‘Kate Rusby’ which I reviewed on this blog back in July last year. While Raevennan was writing and recording for a while before having to take a break due to illness but after coming through that it has been non stop for her. She’s been featured on the ‘Harbour Of Songs’ compilation album produced by Robbie Williams’ producer Guy Chambers and recording solo material which has been championed by BJ Cole, one of the UK’s top pedal steel players.

The first single to be released from the album is ‘Coming Home’ [above] which the pair have described as a celebration of the places they hold dear in their hearts while travelling, Manchester for Tracey and Lowestoft for Raevennan. The first single is a taste of what is to come from the debut, great guitar work and wonderful vocals that fit well together.

‘Coming Home’ in particular starts with layered plucked strings adding plenty of melody from the off, the string sounds ebb and flow up to the vocals kicking in. There is a wonderfully upbeat folky atmosphere that is set off well against the clear cut, harmonious vocals that have a wistful edge to them when singing about their beloved hometowns. The clear amount of emotion in the lyrics, the great melodies and musical and vocal build up’s throughout really do make this track a truly wonderful listen.

It’s safe to say the album will be an interesting listen when released if this track is anything to go by and the wide range of influences from the pair will surely make themselves known throughout. Until the album is released though we have this song to get out teeth into and I really hope this album brings a lot of success to these two artists.

To find out more about the pair visit Tracey’s website, her Soundcloud page or follow her on Twitter – @TheTraceyBrowne Also, visit Raevennan’s Bandcamp page, her Soundcloud page or follow her on Twitter – @AfroThunderRae


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