tracks of the week #40

2 rock bands, 2 female powerhouse soulful voices and a new track from a brilliant dj this week. Some new music, some older, all great in my opinion, I hope you enjoy this week’s picks too.

Quinn Archer – Dark Places

After being alerted to this singer/songwriter a couple of weeks ago via twitter I instantly fell in love with her wonderful soulful vocals from the first listen of this track. Emotion runs rife throughout the lyrics and therefore her voice from the huge voice in the chorus to the moody soul of the verses. Backed up by tinkling piano and a soft acoustic guitar it doesn’t deflect from the focus of the song, her vocals. This is a seriously good song!

Muse – Knights of Cydonia

What can I say about this song that hasn’t already been said? Not a lot really so all I’m going to do is echo everything that’s been said before. It’s a true epic of a track and easily one of the best prog inspired rock songs of the last decade. Oh and let’s not forget that absolutely killer riff.

Banks – Brain

Atmospheric sounds back up Bank’s soulful, sultry vocals that adds to the whole mood of the track and makes you pay full attention to the story behind the lyrics. One full of meaning and emotion flowing the same vein as all of Bank’s other tracks to date. The chorus is huge with bassy sounds laced throughout the crashing cymbals, electronic beats and the huge echoing voice. It’s understandable why this track has been so much talked about as it really is excellent.

Puppet Rebellion – The Greatest Lie Ever Told

With the upcoming release of their new EP ‘No Means Yes’ I thought I would revisit a track from the last and brilliant ‘Chemical Friends’ EP. The best way for me to sum it up is to revisit my earlier thoughts from my review of the EP; “The fast tempo continues with the constant rhythm and repetitive graduating guitar chords of ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’. “We don’t need you, I don’t believe you” are the lyrics of the chorus, repeated over and over, sung with malice clearly aimed at the people who’ve lied to the band at different points in their lives. Things quieten before building slowly up to one final chaotic chorus.” and just add that it all still stands, it’s a brilliant song, a wonderful EP and I’m excited for you all to hear the next release from Puppet Rebellion.

Kiwi – The Kudo Kato

The brilliant Kiwi is back with new track and free download ‘The Kudo Kato’. It’s quite a calm affair really being mainly subdued throughout but still with a strong beat, graduating electronics and a very 80’s sound. It’s another brilliant track from the producer who has easily become one of my favourites with his consistent production of brilliant dance/house tracks. I really can not recommend his sound enough and I urge you to go and check out his back catalogue now.


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