ootd: knee highs & trilbys

Top – Zara / Skirt – Topshop / Jacket – Matalan / Bag – Matalan / Hat – H&M / Socks – Primark / Brogues – New Look / Necklace – Boutique in York / Bracelet – Avon

I have a hell of a lot of love for this outfit, it is definitely one of my favourites at the moment but it’s not overly appropriate to be wearing over the past couple of months of wind, rain and cold. Roll on spring when I can wear this outfit without freezing to death.

The skirt I got some time last year and is one of my favourite basics in my wardrobe, a denim style skater skirt is just perfect with a nice fit and goes with basically everything in my wardrobe. It can easily be dressed up or down and without doubt is the skirt in my collection that I wear the most. This one is from Topshop but I doubt they sell it anymore as I bought it ages ago but it’s just a perfect fit and I love the acid wash colouring of it that I find so much easier to pair with other items than a darker style denim for a skirt anyway. The t-shirt I got from Zara at the end of last year in the sale and as soon as I saw the huge flowers and deep red colouring and how it completely clashes but also compliments each other I knew I was going to buy it. Plus it was only £9, bonus! I’ve worn it a lot since then with skirts, leather shorts, jeans etc and again it’s one of my wardrobe favourites.

Finishing the whole outfit with the complete steal of a pair of socks from Primark, at around £1 for thick over the knee socks they were a bargain that keep my legs warm and they have seen me through so many days when I’ve misjudged just how cold it is outside. The brogues are a new sale purchase from New Look and paired with the socks maybe make me look a little too preppy/school girl. But finishing up with a trilby and pleather jacket toughens the look up a bit and takes the look from school girl chic to a more respectable and classic outfit to be worn by a female in her early 20’s. Yeah and there is also my Matalan bag again, sorry I promise to one day change my handbag.

Finally, a little mention on the bracelet, it’s a new purchase from Avon, they have elephant, tiger and owl bracelets in the catalogue at the moment and never one to pass up on an opportunity to buy something else owl related I instantly snapped this up. The owl beads are pink, elephant are blue and tiger are brown and they are all reasonably priced too at £8. So be sure to pick one up if you like them.

I imagine you are all as bored as me of storms now and just wishing for Spring and some warmer weather to wear something different and more pretty than the uniform of about four jumpers and massive coats we’ve been living in for months.


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