new music: swallow and the wolf


Last year I reviewed Swallow and The Wolf’s single ‘Fire’ for On The Come Up TV. It was one of those songs that I feel in love with instantly and after writing the review/feature on their single and video, I instantly went off searching for more of their music online. Again I was impressed by what I heard and blown away by how good it was and I think it’s about time I shared their wonderful sound with you all.

This boy/girl duo sees the South of England meet Australia to create a completely wonderful sound like the one found on the above single, ‘Fire’. The pair really focus on storytelling in their songs, every lyric they write sets about putting you on some sort of journey or in someone else’s life from heroes to extraordinary moments in life, everything is covered. With the lyrics taking such a central role in the tracks they are sparsely left against a minimal amount of instruments that all manage to create an abundance of melody and atmosphere.

The slow build up of gentle acoustic guitar and the pair’s vocals that blend perfectly takes us to a chorus where drums and keys add to the quiet yet flowing sound. The particular story found in the lyrics here is one of love for an ethereal character, a love that is given extra poignancy with musical build up’s and big drum sounds that add to the drama.

Released in November of last year, ‘Fire’ was the follow up to the pair’s successful ‘Sunrise Mountain’ EP which saw them catch the attention of music sites and radio stations such as 6Music and Folk Radio UK. Folkgeek in particular summed up Swallow and the Wolf’s music perfectly with this comment; “their singing is executed to perfection with both performers in absolute sync with one another…their talent as performers and musicians is undeniable”

Over the past year the band have toured non stop on their own terms across the UK and Germany and it has clearly seen them pick up a number of new fans along the way. With their self released EP creating a stir and their new brilliant single which is taken from a brand new EP yet to be released, things are going well in the Swallow and the Wolf camp. The new EP will be released in March this year and that will surely see more success and more tour dates for the band.

You can download ‘Fire’ from Bandcamp now for any price you like starting at £1.

To find out more about Swallow and The Wolf visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or follow them on Twitter – @swallowwolf

Listen to their ‘Every Time She Comes’ EP below, which you can also download for free from Soundcloud:


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