tracks of the week #41

Another week, another lot of tracks I’ve been listening to. 2 very recent discoveries, 1 artist I’ve been listening to non stop since discovering her music some time last year and 1 band I’ve been a fan of for a couple of years now and they’ve just released a really good follow up to their debut. I hope you enjoy this week’s tracks and if you have any suggestions of bands/tracks I should listen to/feature then let me know by commenting below or drop me an email.

Foxes – Youth

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Foxes and her songs by now and although I’ve heard so much about her it’s taken me until a few weeks ago to actually listen. Stupid me for not listening sooner because she’s brilliant and ‘Youth’ in particular is a great song and an obvious choice as one of her debut single releases. Her huge pop voice with a soulful edge is the centre piece of the entire song from the quiet opening to the big beat laden, electronic chorus. With a voice as good as her’s it’s understandable why she was asked to collaborate with Rudimental. She’s already well known and surely set to get more so and it’s my own stupidity that meant I didn’t catch onto her great sound sooner.

Breton – National Grid

Taken from their new album ‘War Room Stories’ this track shows an obvious growth in sound and a slightly different take on their music from that found on their debut album. Here there is layered vocals, an array of electronic sounds and a great rhythm throughout, a great track from a really very good second album.

Chloe Howl – Rumour

I’ve featured one of the remixes of this track on here before but as the video has been released in the last month I thought it was about time I featured the original. Also, over the past few months I’ve not really stopped listening to Chloe Howl and her brilliant pop/dance/indie mixed with storytelling lyrics and her spoken brogue. This is yet another brilliant track from the singer/songwriter who has so far managed to create quite a storm in the music world gaining plenty of fans with only a small amount of tracks. Surely a debut album will be released this year, I definitely hope so anyway.

St. Vincent – Digital Witness

Here is another one of my Clash magazine musical finds that I definitely need to share with you all. With trumpets and a hip hop style beat kicking this off and running throughout, the vocals that though sung have a very spoken rhythm don’t necessarily take centre stage but mash into the other sounds. There is 80’s reminiscent synths, lyrics about people’s identity in a social media age and a hugely nostalgic sound to the whole thing. It’s a really good track and very different to a lot of other things out there at the moment. Yes, it uses indie, dance and pop sounds mixed with 80’s influences but it is used in a different way to anything I’ve heard and that is what makes it fresh and an interesting listen. The track is taken from the album of the same name which is to be released this Monday, February 24th.


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