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Homeware Inspiration #1

I’ve never done a homeware moodboard on here before and I’m not overly sure why because I’m absolutely obsessed with homeware and decorating, I’m still wishing I’d become an interior designer that would be my absolute dream job. Anyway, after moving into the new house a couple of months ago though the main parts of my room are finished i.e. it’s decorated and I have the big furniture bought, put together and being used, I thought I’d share some pieces I’m looking for to finish off the room, wanting or just completely in love with.

First up is the console table and vintage looking chair, I’m after a desk and chair but not in the typical office looking furniture as it will be in my room so I want it to match the white furniture I already have. These look pretty perfect as they don’t scream office and would look good in a bedroom as just a table and chair for a dressing table or desk or whatever. They are definitely on the list of possible purchases but I’m still holding out for finding the perfect additions in a vintage/antique store. A tallboy I’ve just ordered recently from Dunelm Mill but couldn’t find the exact one but this is a close second, it’s like this one but with wicker drawers, I’m always after extra storage space as I have a lot of stuff and this would be perfect. The mirror is a purchase I’ve wanted for a long time but in my old room I had no space for a standalone mirror so now I can finally get one I plan to.

Everything else for me are just nice little bits to finish off the room, the sign I love as it lists places from my favourite city, London and I love those signs anyway. The globe is something I’ve always wanted, I’m not sure why but I just love them and it’s a must purchase item for my room. Cushions, storage boxes in the shape of suitcases and owl related things are stuff I don’t think you can ever have enough of and I love the ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ theme with the stacked owls. I definitely sense a theme of white furniture with vintage, sometimes French looking, items here with me and I think that sums up how I want my new room to look, more grown up and much more to my current 20-something taste rather than the teenager room I was still living in at our old house.

Recently I’ve been living on Pinterest checking out and gathering plenty of inspiration for the home, are you as obsessed with homeware and/or Pinterest as I am?


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