tracks of the week #42

This week is one of the most mixed bags of a tracks of the week post I think I’ve ever done. A cover, a techno remix, a hardcore track and a 90’s pop classic, there is definitely something for everyone here and hopefully you’ll enjoy this week’s post. Let me know your thoughts on the tracks.

Bastille – Earth Song/Common People [Live Lounge Cover]

Ok so Bastille are amazing you all know that’s my opinion on these guys and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. The fact that they covered my favourite Michael Jackson song in the Live Lounge a few weeks ago was a brilliant moment for me and mixed with a bit of ‘Common People’ by Sheffield’s own Pulp. I’ve listened to this a lot since the band performed it and though I initially freaked out in excitement over it now I’m not overly sure. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good cover but I don’t particularly think it is the best cover the band have ever and the Pulp bit doesn’t fit as well as it could I think. I like this and it’s deserving of a place in my tracks of the week as I’ve listened to it lots but if you are new to Bastille check out their other covers, they are a lot better and more coherent.

Daniel Avery – Need Electric [Audion Remix]

Having a quick browse through Soundcloud on a weekly basis is something I love to do but haven’t had a lot of time to lately with moving house etc. This track was one I found on one of my latest ventures and it’s a really good remix, I’ve not actually listened to the original track so I can’t comment on how close or far away it is from that but what I do know is that this is good. An instrumental track with the occasional deep almost robot style vocal is placed against looped electronics, building beats and creates a track that is ultimately perfect for the dancefloor of any techno or house club night around.

Royal Blood – Little Monster

Huge dirty guitars and pounding drums mix with almost shouted yet harmonious vocals. The mix of metal, punk, indie and rock makes for a brilliantly Queens of the Stone Age reminiscent track. If you like your rock songs huge with that hint of classic rock and punk attitudes of bands such as Drenge then these are the band for you. Arctic Monkeys are a fan and they will be playing with them at Finsbury Park this summer plus they have been tipped for great things by the BBC’s Sound of Poll and Zane Lowe what more reasons do you need to give this pair a listen.

Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are

Ok so I’ve heard so much Spice Girls on the TV and radio lately you would think that they are making a comeback which unfortunately they are not but maybe our recent 90’s fashion revival extends to the music and the TV too. Something I’m not overly against because any excuse to relive my childhood is great. Seen as I’ve been singing this song for over two weeks now I thought I should include it mainly just to get it stuck in all your heads too, don’t pretend you don’t know the words we all know you love Spice Girls as much as I do, which is a lot by the way.


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