ootd: creepers, studs & guitars

Jumper – Topman / Shirt – Primark / Jeans – Topshop / Brothel Creepers – Underground via Office / Bag – eBay

Excuse how bloody terrible and unenthusiastic I look but I took these photos when I was suffering with the worst flu I’ve had in years. It seriously knocked me out for nearly two weeks and lingered around for ages. All the woozy head symptoms and medication doing nothing at all meant I’d fallen pretty behind on keeping up with this blog, thank god I’d scheduled posts in advance as I couldn’t even concentrate on watching TV let alone writing music reviews or reading emails. Anyway, I’m over that now and as March rolls round I’m getting even more excited for Spring and a new fashion season that means I can wear more skirts and shorts and less layers.

The main aim with this outfit was comfort if I’m honest and warmth so out came the layers and shock horror I am in some form of jeans, well jeggings. Seriously my jeans wardrobe currently consists of one actual pair of jeans that do not fit me properly at all. The reason for this is my absolute hatred of jeans shopping, it is the worst and most disheartening shop any woman will ever do but with the Discover Denim range at New Look I think that could be the thing that finally persuades me to pull myself together and get myself a couple of pairs of jeans in different rinses and ones that actually fit.

The jeggings are from Topshop and I’ve pretty much lived in them throughout my stay at home or just running a few errands days this winter. They are warm, fit really well and I like the fact that they are red but not too in your face making them go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. The shirt I’ve had for years from Primark and is a staple of my wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down and the jumper is quite old as well from Topman because who doesn’t prefer a man’s jumper and the extra space it gives you to make you all cosy and warm.

Finishing up with purple accessories in the form of my trusty Brothel Creepers that I adore and are probably my most prized shoe in my collection. They just go with everything even though they are purple and they are so comfortable, such as classic shoe now as well I think. Also, a different bag! Yay! It’s not a new purchase as I’ve had it for over a year but still it’s a change. Ever since moving and having a huge wardrobe [seriously the wardrobe of my dreams] means that I can actually find and use everything I own instead of shoving it under my bed or on top of my wardrobe never to be found again. So 2 shelves of bag space means I can see my entire collection and pick and choose what goes best with that outfit, I’m truly spoilt these days. The bag was from eBay and I’m sure you can still get one like it on there for a reasonable price, I think this was only around £14 which isn’t bad at all. It’s a good piece that has lasted me a long time and has managed to take no end of weight with the amount of things I’ve shoved in it in the past. Proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune for quality.

I’m glad March is finally here and hopefully some better weather for this Spring. I have a Spring fashion lookbook planned for tomorrow’s post so if you want to see what I’m wanting or will be wearing this Spring then check back here tomorrow.


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