spring fashion edit

I love Spring fashion, Autumn is by far my favourite season fashion, food, everything wise but Spring is a close second for start it’s my birthday in Spring but it also signifies new beginnings, out with the old and bad of the winter and in with the new – new lives especially in the farming world [cute piglets anyone?], new scenery with flowers in bloom and a new wardrobe – out with the old tatty clothes and in with some new clothes, new shapes, new lighter colours. I’m on permanent wardrobe clear out these days but I always find Spring the best time to sort through and discover something a bit different for the next season.

As much as I love pastels I just don’t think they suit me, I’m already very pale and blonde and I just think pastels drain any colour away from me even more so I’ll be sticking to pastels only in accessories or on my nails for Spring. Sticking with brighter and more classic colours is the way forward for m and adding more boxy shapes [which I love] and tailoring to my wardrobe is what I want to do this Spring and I think these mood boards represent that. I got a little carried away and made two mood boards of all the fashion I’m loving and wanting, basically I’m so indecisive and I don’t think that is going to do wonders for my bank account. Oh well, here goes with the Spring fashion anyway.

S/S 2014

A fair amount of this one is pattern, bleached/acid wash denim, cute pastels on flower headbands, Vans and nail varnish and some nice leather/fake leather pieces – see the bag and the awesome maroon cut out boots. A lot of this is stuff I’m looking for to complete my wardrobe and pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe to create something I would love to ideally wear everyday when it’s nice and sunny [do you guys remember the sun?] I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of acid wash jeans, I’m torn between skinny fit or mom style jeans which are more out of my comfort zone but I think both look good in the acid wash finish and with New Look’s recently launched Discover Denim range I think I will be heading there for my Spring/Summer denim fix.

Pink is a colour I very rarely wear but the pastels and tie dye styles above are things I would love to wear but as I said mainly on accessories as I just feel a pastel pink shirt/blouse would completely drain any tiny amount of colour I have from my face making me look even more ghost like. The black and white spot shirt I saw in Asda the other day and I was going to buy it but lack of money stopped me and ever since it’s not been in stock but I do love the simple colours and boxy shape while the heart print shirt from New Look is the top of most people’s wishlists I think and rightly so as I just love it. The boots are the most different from the slouchy Spring outfit I’m trying to create but I couldn’t leave them off here as I love them so much. For cut out boots I think they would be wearable all year round as the cut outs aren’t too big to create cold feet in the winter and socks would easily sort any issues. Though maroon is a bit different a colour choice for boots than the usual black or brown I think they are still wearable with basically everything while being that little bit more interesting and different to a lot of other of the same style boot.

I’m definitely all about that smock fit check dress teamed with those tie dye Vans, the hat and the comic strip print backpack with lilac nails for my go to Spring outfit as I think it would be just perfect, dressed up enough to look like you’ve made an effort but slouchy enough to be comfortable at all times. Now I just need to buy all those pieces.

S/S 14

Whereas this one retains the bleached denim and pattern – though this time it’s daisies, tartan, stripes and the awesome tropical print trousers [major want!] – but also adds in some galaxy print, a lovely watch, some pastel coloured bags and the amazing deep red velvet shoes.

I said I’m after boxy shapes and more tailoring this Spring and I think the striped tee, daisy print shorts, tartan dress and the oversized grey blazer sum that up. I’m loving oversized blazers at the moment I think they are so easy to wear and style and I’ve already added a new purchase to my collection and I’m sure many more colours and patterns will be on my want list this Spring too. Acid wash dungarees, a galaxy print dress from modcloth.com and those amazing tropical print trousers from Topshop finish off the clothing choices on this moodboard and I do think every single one of those pieces would be perfect for Spring and easily styled up or dressed down.

Onto accessories, the bags are quite structured which is something I’m preferring from bag choices these days and in the pastel tones would be great for the Spring and Summer months and would surely be able to see through the A/W months by adding a bit of much needed colour to the grey days. The watch I love, I’m a huge fan of watches and I could really do with a new one so this is definitely top of the list. Finally, the shoes which are just perfect, t-bar shoes remind me of my primary school days so much and add a bit of geek chic to any outfit and can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, whatever really. The colour is so rich in the deep red and being velvet just adds to the richness of the shoes, though probably best not to wear them during the UK’s winter, not unless you want them ruined anyway.

So there are some of my picks of what I’m after/wanting to wear this Spring/Summer, what do you think of my picks? What trends/styles/colours are you planning on emulating this S/S?


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