LFW A/W 2014: Meadham Kirchhoff

I know I said I’d only do one dedicated post this season but I feel like Meadham Kirchhoff’s collection is deserving of it’s own post as I loved it so much that I couldn’t just pick a couple of good bits as it was all good. The past two seasons I’ve loved Meadham Kirchhoff’s collections so much I’ve spent days raving about them and this one is no different for me. I love what they do with clothes, styles, designs, colours and basically just everything. If I could just have everything on that catwalk sent to me right now that would be brilliant.

In short this was a collection full of beautiful pieces that consisted of embroidered pieces, chiffon and lace dresses, soft colours strewn throughout, beaded embellishments and velvet. All decadent and beautiful things, delicate in the correct execution but that’s not to say this was a wishy washy collection. Quite the opposite when these pieces were teamed with thigh high boots in an array of colours even rainbow for those undecided on just one colour for their pair of boots, tailored jackets in blacks, whites and navy’s that strongly resembled the iconic Chanel skirt suit in a wonderful homage with their own twist.

Checker-board two pieces were teamed with metallic red boots while ruffled collars like those featured last season on their runway were alongside knee high socks, mid-thigh length skirts and red sequinned shoes like the most wonderful take on a Dorothy shoe. Though the opening of the show was full of light pastels and basic staples of black and white as the show went on the colour and pattern they are so well known for came out in force. Blue and pink dogtooth cardigans with pink lace skirts, purple check skirt suits, bright pink ruffle neck shirts almost Edwardian in style and of course the rainbow boots just kept on coming. Long sleeved brightly striped swing style dresses gave a 70’s edge to the show when a few seconds later a peachy/salmon coloured long dress went down the catwalk that was reminiscent of almost Medieval underdresses. It was a complete mixed bag throughout the show from the Gothic styles of veiled black dresses to veiled peaches and white dresses with ruffles that almost looked like a wedding dress to the bright colours and metallic fabrics of skirts, boots and coats.

My favourite pieces/looks from the collection were the candy coloured ruffled dress with the Dorothy shoes, the navy lace tiered dress, the long skirt worn with a long sleeve black lace top with a cropped vest over the top though all black it still remains an interesting outfit and something I thought worked very well and the purple checked Chanel style skirt suit.

For me the show was a bit like a look back at their designs to date and a slight re-imagining of them along with some lovely homages to other designers along the way, most notably Chanel. The Edwardian ruffles and long Victoran skirts from S/S 14 were brought to life again with bright colours from earlier collections that saw them gain so much attention in the first place. Sometimes looking back and re-imagining is the key to a successful catwalk show and I think that’s what Meadham Kirchhoff have done here along with bringing new ideas to the fore and proving just how good there are and how deserving they are of their now respected LFW status.


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